Gumball 3000 road race, tournament idea

redlinederby Tuesday, 6/10/2014
Site manager

Just got done reading/watching a bit on the Gumball 3000 road race on The Verge, and now I want to see this in diecast form. Just a bunch of high-end cars painted up to the point where people just shake their head that such an expensive car was altered.

Just something for the future...

Read the article and more photos


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KandORacing 6/10/14

LOL! I'd have a ball trying to do the most over the top, gaudy, bright neon-looking paint job ever!

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72_Chevy_C10 6/10/14
Event coordinator

So, I guess the idea is to take a ga-zillion-dollar car and make it look as silly as possible...hmmm...okay, I'm in!

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Milton-Fox 6/10/14

I have got a few exotics running around here...

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delta6 6/11/14

Finally! I have a good excuse to spend way more time on paint than speed.

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Stroller 6/16/14

We should call it GumBall 46.875 which is 1/64th of 3000...............:)..............and bring back the smilies....:)

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delta6 6/16/14

I still really like the idea!:-) If people are still interested let's get some feedback. I am happy to host the first race. It could go from the west coast all the way over to the east coast! Here's some ideas for rules: 1. Cars must be high end/exotic manufacturers. In other words, the lifesize versions of your entry should retail for a minimum if $100k USD. 2. Paint schemes should be loud and/or obnoxious in color and/or decals/sponsors. 3. Would anyone be interested in the added challenge of a weight limit no less than 45g and no more than 55g? Anyone still interested or have any feedback?

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redlinederby 6/16/14
Site manager

I dig it and I like the first pass at the rules. I'd vote for no real limits though, shy of size/length so it fits the host track. I'd up the price minimum too, $100k aint nothing...but I dont know exactly how many supercars are in the mainline series, so maybe lower is better.

I think this should be a show-n-go too, so we all vote for most gaudy car and they get a secondary prize.

I'm not sure if I'll have time to enter but I'd like to try, even if I just strip and paint a stock without any modding otherwise. Unfortunately I can't host as my track is still packed up.

I was thinking we should call our the Glitterball 2000...reference to the seed Gumball but something we can reuse if we want.

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