Have diecast wheels reached their maximum potential?

Car_boi Thursday, 8/25/2022

Over the years, Hot Wheels (not entirely sure for other brands) has released wheels that have improved the car's speed. We've seen High Speed Wheels, the thin High Speed Racing Wheels and FTEs released by Mattel, but have they truly met their maximum potential?


For a $1 retail mass produced mainline I'd say yes. Fun fact about HSW all-Acetal wheels, Acetal is a newer brand name for Delrin. Mattel has been using Delrin since they started in 1968, it's what they made the wheel bearings out of, so not really new technology there, just marketing strategy.

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KandORacing 8/25/22

If Mattel doesn't care about making wheels that are truly for speed then yes they have, however if at some point they start to consider us racers then no, I believe that they could get much better than they've ever been. First of all as you probably know many of them have issues with wobble, they're slightly egg shaped instead of perfectly round and the ends of the axles have all that metal flashing junk on the hubs. If they could solve all those problems then obviously they'd be way better than anything before. So I don't think they've peaked for sure, but time will tell if they will continue to improve or not 

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redlinederby 8/26/22
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I'd second Redline's thoughts...if we're waiting for better quality out of $1 cars that come off the assembly line, we're going to be waiting a long time. Until Hot Wheels decides to design and make things specifically targeted toward the competitive racing market, it's not going to change.

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