High Speed Racing Wheels....finally!!

GspeedR Tuesday, 11/25/2014

After many months of frustrating searches, I finally found 'HSRW' cars in my area. Apparently, 'Kohl's' is the only local retail chain handling the series. I managed to find 5 out of the 6 cars from the initial release(minus the Jet Threat 3.0), including doubles of the Spin King & Teegray.(trades?....anyone?) The Teegray w/HSRWs is, by far, the fastest out the 5 cars I've tested.



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Traction-Event 11/25/14

yup, our local Kohls also caries these cars...3.99...ouch.. local Meijer brand stores carry them as well for 1.99...better, but. They do not seem to be big sellers around here, if you want anything special let me know. I'll keep an eye out.

I finally found the GT40, and this has skinny wheels up front and a normal width wheel in the rear. totally bummed, rear wheels comicly out of round...slow...

I hear there are 25 cars in this series, but can't find a list anywhere.

  • Here's a list of most of them: http://hwcollectorsnews.com/2014-hot-wheels-high-speed-racing-wheels — GspeedR
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