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High Speed Wheels

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iowastockcars 12/25/11

Santa brough 6 of these for the boys. Today we had a pretty stout set of 32 cars and the boys selected Four of them to race within this group of cars.

Some of the heavy hitters:

    A Shelby Cobra that finished 2nd in our final league race for Muscle Cars.
    [list:367yr7yw]Mad Fast-Purple
    [list:367yr7yw]Ferrari 355 Black
    [list:367yr7yw]HW Video Racer-Black
    [list:367yr7yw]Ferrari F40-Yellow (just one loss to a Ferrari F40-White
    [list:367yr7yw]Ferrari 307
    [list:367yr7yw]Ferrari F512M
    [list:367yr7yw]Pontiac Rageous
    [list:367yr7yw]Dodge Caravan
    [list:367yr7yw]Greased Lightning-Grey
    [list:367yr7yw]Dodge M80

They picked Back Slider, the Toyota Off Road Truck, Bone Shaker, and Lotus Concept.

Back Slider was a dud right out of the gate and lost both races to the HW Video Racer.

The Bone Shaker was a pretty quick car and won its two first races easily, before meeting up with another High Speed Wheels car-the Toytoa Off Road Truck who had also won both of its first two races in an easy fashion. The Toyota truck won the matchup 2-1 to move into the final four.

The Lotus Concept was having no challenges and was clearly a super fast car. It blew away the competion and got into the final four race where it matched up against that Toyota. It was no comptetion for the Lotus as it won both races. On the other side of the bracket it was the Ferrari F40 and the Shelby Cobra. The Ferrari was able to hold off the Cobra to move to the championship race against the Lotus Concept.

At the start of the first race, the Lotus Concept took the lead and never looked back as it easily beat the much acclaimed Ferrari F40 in both races.

I am sold on these wheels. The mainline Lotus Concept is a pretty decent car and with these wheels added, it has jumped up high in my rankings.

More to come over the holiday break as we are one 32 car race away from racing all of the final four cars against each other (11 races x4), including the Toyota truck and the Lotus.

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tastelikedirt 12/29/11

These were posted at HWC. New colors for the wheels.
Diecast Cars, Hot Wheels, Matchbox

New models.
Diecast Cars, Hot Wheels, Matchbox

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WorpeX 12/29/11

I've still yet to see these. : /

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markkaz 12/30/11

Thanks for the heads-up about the new release.

I will still be selective.

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EconoCarl 12/30/11

New colors for the wheels.

If they're as good as iowastockcars says, I sure hope they make some in black!

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model40fan 12/30/11


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iowastockcars 12/30/11

Our final 32 car race included three of the High Speed Wheels. This set of 32 cars wasnt as impressive as the last one. Torque Twister lost right away in the first round. Bone Shaker and his High Speed Wheels made a return and cruised into the championship race. On the bottom side of the bracket, Motoblade and his High Speed Wheels cruised by everyone and earned a race with Bone Shaker for the championship race. It went to three races and Bone Shaker won it all.

Now onto the season championship to see how they rank up against some of my best cars. My #1 overall car Power Pistons-Purple (22-1), my #2 car Brit Speed-Blue (28-6), my #11 car-Nerve Hammer-Red (24-6), and #25 Chrysler 300c FTE (11-1) make up the 11 cars that are locked in to the final 16 cars along with the Bone Shaker and Lotus Concept. Moto Blade and the Toytal truck with the Speed Wheels need to race their way in.

Past Champions-
Rescue Ranger-Black
Nitty Gritty Kitty
2009 Ford F-150
Jet Threat-Grey
Power Pistons-Purple

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tastelikedirt 12/30/11

How long is the IowaStockCars track?

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model40fan 12/30/11

when the iowa stockcars hosted the HARDCORE DOWNHILL SERIES they us ran on a 50 footer... very nice, and very fast

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WorpeX 12/30/11

Finally found some of these High-Speed Wheels! They don't seem to be as good as FTEs, but they're not bad. Picked up the Torque Twister, Lotus Concept and Toyota Truck. The Truck is pretty good and so is the Torque Twister but the Lotus Concept is quite terrible. I think I just got a dud though as it makes a ridiculously loud noise going down the track. It isn't necessarily slow, but it can't keep up with the other two and is probably about the speed of a mainline car. All 3 of these were defeated quite easily by an FTE2 Chevy Impala (yes, I couldn't avoid getting an FTE2, ;/ It was a christmas gift. The looks of the wheels are finally starting to grow on me though...)

Our latest season is in the books and the high speed wheels continue to make an impression as we were going from 11 brackets of 32 cars as we got down to the champion. This was a really strong group of cars in the finals as many have won league races and some have won trophies as the fastest car in a particular division.

The Toyota Off Road truck with the speed wheels was in the 3rd place bracket and went 3-1 as it raced its way into the group of the 2nd place finishers.

The 2nd place bracket of 16 now included that Toyota truck and the Motoblade with the high speed wheels. The Toyota truck upset the #1 seed, the grey Fast Fish-FTE. It then lost to a white Fire Eater. It had a chance to race its way back into the final 16 but lost to a yellow Ferrari F-40 2-1, ending its chances. The Motoblade was the #10 seed and won against a grey Double Shotz and really strong Shelby Cobra Concept car that got 2nd in our November league races for muscle cars.

That put three of the final 16 cars with these High Speed Wheels.

Motoblade came in as a #14 seed.
Bone Shaker came in at a #6 seed.
Lotus Concept came in as a #7 seed.

Bone Shaker was matched up against a pretty strong Matchbox truck, a Ford Explorer and went down 2-1. Motoblade raced against a red Nerve Hammer that has won multiple 32 race championships for us and it won 2-1. Lotus Concept easily beat a Greased Lightning .

Final 8 and still two speed wheels left. If they both won, they would match up against each other for the championship race. Amazoom-grey had other thoughts as it won both races against Motoblade. This Amazoom is a fast car. Lotus Concept had a matchup against my #2 overall ranked car--Brit Speed-Blue. It won both races and moved onto the final four.

The Lotus then had to race that same Amazoom and we now switched to the best 3 out of 5 races. It was no contest as the Lotus won in three straight races. On the other side of the bracket, the Chrysler 300c FTE was marching its way through the tournament and to the championship race against the Lotus.

We now had the most famed racer of all of the FTE cars versus the new kid on the block, the Lotus Concept and his Speed Wheels. This was also a best of 5 and the Lotus easily won the first two races. Then the Chrysler remembered who he was. He was the fastest FTE of the original 2005-2006 FTE cars, he couldn't be touched by the FTE2 cars from 2009-2011, and the FTE3 cars with the new rims haven't lived up to the FTE expections. He kicked into gear and won the next three races to win the championship.

And the good news.....People are finidng more of these at Toys R Us. Prottype H24, Hyundai Genisis Coupe, Hyperliner, and the 84 Pontiac. And different colors as well for the cars. Blue and Grey! Gotta get them all now and will show up in February at our league races with even faster cars to defend our multiple point championships.

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GspeedR 1/1/12

I finally got my 1st "HSW" car today...a Bone Shaker. I was initially disappointed with the 'heavy cars'(a metal chassis might have improved that). It did stay door-to-door with my grey Ferrari Italia(fte) all day though.