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Hollywood Road Race

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Diecast64 2/25/17

Here is the Elite Eight. If you go down in this round, watch to the end. At the end of the video there is a one-and-done mini bracket to determine 5th - 8th place

  • No shame in my game, solid effort. best of luck to those racers still in the fight! — Traction-Event
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LeagueofSpeed 2/26/17
Event coordinator

That Mach 1 looked tough from the get go, no surprise it took home the prize. That was fun, already looking forward to next year, that race is 50% skill and 50% luck....but a lot of fun!!! Job well done CCR and thanks for hosting the race. 

The Mach 1 was always one of my favorite Hot Wheels castings. And this race proves that it's fast too!

  • It has similar charecteristcs as the Noodle Head and original Whip Creamer body wise. — LeagueofSpeed

Great race, coverage, before and after, solid videos... Nice work all around here CCR!!!

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Diecast64 2/28/17

Thanks everyone for entering.  This race was a lot of fun to run.  I hope you all had fun too! It probably won't be until the weekend until I have a chance to get the cars all packed up.  I left one more video in this post.  Enjoy!

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FOTF 3/9/17

Thanks for a great event, CCR! I like racing on this track--and I'm glad to finally have some points toward this series. Congrats on your win!

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LeagueofSpeed 3/15/17
Event coordinator

Well, always double check your cars before sending them off!!!! CCR sent my cars back and the Lotus-Spy who Loved Me car didn't have drilled rivets as the one that came back had factory rivets and a pin stripe paint flaw...which I recognized. The Lotus I modded for the race was way faster than the one I sent...and the stock one I sent ( no added weight/no graphite) had the advantage at one point!!! Sometimes you just have to laugh at least I've got a car ready for next year already.  

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