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AbbyNormal Thursday, 5/30/2024

The past few weeks I've had a pretty basic test track in the garage. I just got the parts to upgrade it and have rebuilt it. The whole thing is constrained to a quarter sheet (2ft x 4ft) of 3/8inch plywood on two sawhorses. The upgrades are a 180deg single lane curve and a chicane. The fun began as I cut wood pieces and screwed in hinges.. The 180deg curve is from Slanman Customs and is a nice bit of kit. It's a wide turn covering about 2ft. The chicane came of Amazon.The initial drop is 8deg into the new 180, out of the 180 is a 4deg drop into the chicane, out of the chicane the 4deg drop continues into a standard Hot Wheels 180deg. The Hot Wheels 180 curve exit is at a 4.6deg up slope (very short) which continues down a 2.2deg slope to the end timing gate.

The whole purpose of the track is to be a test circuit for road races. The upslope on the Hot Wheels 180 filters out cars that have issues or are not ready for prime time. I call it Deadman's Curve.

Here is the whole track - start gate at the left

Down slope from the start gate

Slanman 180 curve into the chicane

Deadman's curve - these cars all barfed on the up slope exit


These cars all made it to the final timing gate


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JBlotner42 5/30/24

Looking good!

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CanesBart 5/30/24

Great stuff!  Neat little test track.  You can test terrain on it too.

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Banjo 5/31/24

the chicane and 180 is a great test for body rub. Nice looking mini track!

Nice track!

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Chris_Hood 6/1/24

Looking at the ones that failed Deadman's Curve, Batmobiles are no surprise there, and your Audi wagon is a premium with rubber wheels, so, that's explained neatly. Keep testing!! It's more than anything I have!

Edit: I see two Hot Wheels High busses made it all the way through--good potential!

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SpyDude 6/3/24

Useless fact: 
Deadman's Curve is in Los Angeles, and was restructured to be a LOT safer after celebrity Mel Brooks sued the city, citing over fifty accidents in three years (including his own, resulting in a seven-month hospital stay).

  • didn't know that — dr_dodge
  • Great tidbit. Mel was already a great personal hero, "It's good to be the king!" — X2Whiskey
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