Host tracks for Season 13, who's interested?

redlinederby Thursday, 5/9/2013
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Right now it looks like Season 13 will kick off in mid-late June but I'll be working on a schedule here soon and need to know if there are any host tracks interested in a weekend or two next season. This is open to previous hosts and to any new tracks that have been built since late last year.

If you were a previous host, just post here and I'll get in touch with you about dates.

If you're a new track and want to host, please PM me so I can give you info and rules on how to host to make sure you qualify.

This season (12) remained on the Ohio track due to it being a new year and the addition of team play, so I wanted to keep things here so I could easily address any concerns that might arise. But as of right now, everything in the game seems solid so going back on the road to other tracks is no longer a risk.


We are willing to do races here in Iowa!

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Nightstalker 5/18/13

Count me in!
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