Go_Time Tuesday, 8/6/2019

Hey everybody I've been wanting to host a race for a while and finally got my track dialed in.  Now im trying to figure out the filming/editing part of it.  Here is a quick video I made just a few cars to test race.  Take a look and see if yall think this style video would be ok for hosting.  Its not fancy at all but I have zero editing skills.  Also the picture is a little grainy not sure why, I used a galaxy s8 for filming.


That works...the more you do the easier it gets. The main thing is you've got a track and you're willing to host and have video 

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redlinederby 8/6/19
Site manager

Good start! Biggest thing I'd recommend is shooting your video horizontal rather than vertical. It'll make things easier to watch and also make editing easier too - less wasted space.

Is your track nailed to the wall? That's a nifty idea.

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Go_Time 8/6/19

Yes, its mounted on the wall for easy take down and assembly. 

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Dadvball 8/7/19

Nice set up especially if it can be taken apart and put back up as needed. Loved the cars you ran, some really nice ones in there.  I enjoyed the video but sorry I can't offer any input because I haven't found the time to figure out doing videos yet.  I would like to ask what you're using for a finish gate, if you purchased it or made it. 

And welcome to the Best Racing Site around!

  • Thanks, its a home built timer based on an arduino. Its not very difficult although it does require some soldering — Go_Time
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WorpeX 8/9/19

Definiately recommend shooting horizontal! It'll be easier to film and its much better to watch.

Other suggestion is putting some foam on the wall there as a stop box. That stop is brutal and it'll destroy your cars quickly.

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Go_Time 8/9/19

I'm offended, you think I would let my cars hit the wall...LOL.  Actually there is foam its glued to a thin piece of sheet metal and screwed to the timer itself. What your hearing is the sheet metal flexing and hitting the wall.  But yes, it doesn't sound good.

  • Ohhhh! That makes waaay more sense. I thought that sound was the cars smashing into the wall! — WorpeX
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