Hot Wheel race for Macon ARC

Monday, February 2nd, 2015
FatMike Sunday, 1/25/2015

Hey Guys,  I'm going to be doing a race for Macon chapter of ARC. They help special needs people and also host housing for some of their members. I have a brother with Downs Syndrome that lives in one of their homes. This race is for the members that can attend community social events. We are expecting to have around 40 racers. They are all adults but kids in spirit. I'm looking for help with the prizes for the winners. I'm going to tell them about RLD and how much fun we have with our cars, give them cars and race them. Then award bags with prizes as I can come up with. Any help will be appreciated.   

 Send donations to: Michael Williams

                             121 Frank Foster Rd

                             Macon GA 31211


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Dadvball 1/30/15

Sorry I missed this earlier. I'd like to send some cars but you wouldn't get them until late next week. Will you be doing this again?

  • depending on how this goes over, I think ill get invited back. So yes I hope to do it again. — FatMike
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model40fan 1/30/15

can we cut the cards for easier shipping ?

  • Yes, you could have cut the cards. I'm sorry I didnt see this sooner, I was camping with the Scouts. — FatMike
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FatMike 2/2/15

Thanks for the stuff. We have some RLD decals and enough cars for prizes to go home to some very excited racers. I'll post the results tomorrow. 

        Thank You, FatMike

  • Awesome! Post some pics too if you have any — redlinederby
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