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Simple..invest in the 3D Botmaker 2 lane Finish Gate
Totally. Or splurge and get a 4-lane. Great accessory.

Happy Which One Will Win Wednesday!

4 lane 3D Botmaker finish lane shipped to Canada for $90. Got mine a month ago and me and the kid are loving it. Wish I had bought the starting gate and had it shipped the same time to save on shipping costs, but I already had one built. Sometime in the future. Totally worth it though. 


Yeah...I've already been talking with them and as soon as money allows, I will be probably ordering one.
When you do you’ll love it.

It's been a busy busy busy week.... now to get caught up here...

and a little extra....

Happy Easter Everyone! Don't forget the true meaning of Easter....The saviour has risen!HE LIVES!

Now that the day is winding down, I would like to share the rest of the videos from today's extravaganza! Enjoy!

It's Monday! Hopefully the week goes as fast as this racing does!

Happy Tuesday!

Happy Hot Wheeling Wednesday!

It's 3\4 track Thursday!

Good morning all! I wanted to let you know that I might not be sharing the links for the races for a couple weeks. I have a whole lot going on and I'm not sure if I will have the time or brain power to get to it. I will when I can, but feel free to subscribe to the YouTube channel and you will get to see the races every day! Thank you to all who have been tuning in! I will be back after some things are cleared off the table..hehe... Happy Hot Wheeling!

Another snowy Saturday(in Calgary anyway)! Let's stay warm and watch some Hot Wheels racing!

April 8

April 9

April 10

Today is a special day!

Happy Monday!! It's good to get back into the normal routine...for now anyway... Here's some catch up races for you...

Have a great day everyone!

Good morning! I will be away until Monday morning, so I won't be able to share the daily race for the next few days. Have no fear though, there will be a new race to watch each day at the Hot Wheels Calgary YouTube channel!

Have a great weekend...I know I will! 

Hey!! I'm back!! It was a very busy weekend! But now, let's do some catch-up!

Oh...I almost forgot... Be watching for a big change to Birdco Raceway! You'll "flip" when you see it!

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