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Hot Wheels Calgary Racing Thread

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Some of you might hate me for cracking the Street Meet 5 Pack open, but even so, it made for some good racing!

It's 2 For Tuesday!

Will the Chrysler 300 go into the TOURNAMENT OF CHAMPIONS or to the table of common cars?

Here's some pics of Birdco Raceway 2 years ago... It's come a long way and just keeps getting better!

Lot's happening today! Last day of the month.. Tons of points handed out in the points run.. Hot Wheels Calgary YouTube channel hit 280 subscribers!

Anyway...have a great (long)weekend(in Canada)! And Happy Hot Wheeling!

It's September 1! This month is Wild Card September in Hot Wheels Calgary! Blind pics of all the races! It's already been interesting! Also it's time for Car Corner...this month is a special edition! Have a great (long) weekend everyone!!

It's Sunday! Great day for church,Praising God and for some more Hot Wheels Racing! Its also a long weekend so it doesn't get any better! Have a great day!

I do hope everyone is enjoying the extra day off... I know I am... Why not enjoy some Hot Wheels Racing on this fine day?

Maybe it was being asked to be featured in Diecast 64 Magazine that woke me up early! Even so, it works out for get to see the new race that much sooner! Have an awesome day everyone!

WildCard September Keeps Rolling Along! 

And for today's feature presentation!

It's Friday!! Let's race into the weekend with some... Well... Hot Wheels Racing!

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