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Hot Wheels Calgary Racing Thread

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It's Friday! WHOOHOO!
I'm almost done tracking the responses of the various Facebook groups to which ones are enjoying the races and who are not. Sadly,soon I will have to stop posting the daily races to a bunch... Not to be mean.but to save myself a bunch of time in my busy life... Remember,all it takes is a tap of the LIKE button on the Facebook page...or even better... Tap the YouTube subscribe button! Hehehe..

Anyway,here's some Hot Wheels Racing Action to race you into the weekend!

Big things happening at Hot Wheels Calgary YouTube channel! 300 subscriber race on September 29... Birdco Raceway got a minor face lift that you'll see later this week... And best of all.. There's more Hot Wheels Racing!

It's Sunday! Don't forget to go to church! Before you head out, here's today's race! Have a great day everyone!

How long can the Hot Tub car stay as champ? Much longer and it goes into the Tournament of Champions...

There's a reason why I made the thumbnail image the way I did... Will Hot Tub go to the Tournament of Champions today or will it go back to the table with his buddy's? This ranks as one of the top 3 most amazing races I have ever caught on camera...make sure you don't miss it!

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Jav74 9/25/18

Green Monkey Car for the win! Hot Tub slayer!! That was an awesome race! 

  • LOL... yeah.... it was an amazing race! I didn't see that coming, for sure!! — HotWheelsCalgary

Oh Boy! Just a few more days until the 300 Subscriber Live Race! Have you picked the car you want to win? If not, head over to Hot Wheels Calgary YouTube channel and pick one. There's a great prize up for grabs!

To help get us ready for the big race on Saturday at 10 am Mountain time, here's today's race!

Have a great day!

Things are coming together for this Saturdays 300 Subscriber Live Race! Get your name on a car by 10pm tomorrow and be entered to win the prize... The complete 2018 Wal-Mart Exclusive Camaro collector set! get you in the groove for Saturday, here's today's race!

Today is your last day to pick a car for tomorrow's race! 41 entries in 32 cars so far! Deadline is 10PM MTN Time TONIGHT! Then the live stream starts at 10am mountain time tomorrow morning! Up for grabs is the complete 2018 Wal-Mart Exclusive Camaro collector set donated by 41-14 Racing and Little Bug Racing! It's gonna be quite the race!
I hope you will join us!

And now..what you have all been waiting for... Today's race!

Alright Race Fans! Lots of racing today! Be sure to join us for the 300 Subscriber Live Race! The link is down below! Hope you can make it at 10am Mountain Time! In the meantime, here's today's race to get warmed up with!

Happy Lord's Day everyone! I hope you all have a great day! And to hopefully help with making it a great day, here's today's race!

Wow! It's October 1! Man.. This year has gone by as fast as a Hot Wheels on Birdco Raceway! Well...things aren't slowing down yet... There's still more racing...and more Car Corner!

Please have a look at this months episode of Car Corner and let me know what you think... Should they be in the Hunt for the Ultimate Track master? Or no?

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