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Hot Wheels Calgary Racing Thread

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Warning: This race is so great that it might get you out of your seat cheering! Or it might make you bust out laughing at my antics! Either way, I'm sure you're going to enjoy this!!

  • You weren't kidding! Fantastic finish... — Big_Poppy
  • You are nuts dude! In the best possible way. Gotta admit, that was pretty freakin' cool! — PeteB

What's better than Friday?
How about Free Them Friday!
What's better than Free Them Friday?
How about Faster than Ever Free Them Friday!
This is going to be gooooood!

2 FTE'S vs 2 really fast mainlines... This oughta be interesting!!

Happy Snowy Sunday! Yeah... We got a DUMP of snow here in Calgary last night... It was literally a blizzard! That's ok... We have some Hot Wheels Racing to warm us up before having to go shovel!! ( BTW, it will probably melt by tomorrow.. I love Calgary weather)

Will we have another car in the Tournament of Champions line up? Well... Let's find out!

Here's a quick, not the best video I've ever done,tour of the Wall of Hot Wheels at Birdco Raceway. Hope you like it even with its low production quality.

More great racing continues on Hot Wheels Calgary YouTube channel! Be sure to check this month's One and Done at 1 races!!

I believe in being I will be.. It's too early for me time to come up with a cute little line to introduce this race....yawn! So, here's today's race! Now... Where's my coffee???

Happy Friday! WHOOHOO! Let's get this weekend started on the right foot... With some Diecast Racing!! Hey.. Look at this... I just happen to have a race for us right here...

The force is strong in this race.. But I don't think it's the force Luke Skywalker uses... Maybe it's more of a tractorbeam...

Prepare to watch possibly the most misfit race you have ever seen on Hot Wheels Calgary YouTube channel! What is that thing in lane 4????

Warning: Watch this race at your own risk. Things happen in this race that could cause any number of medical problems or food to fall out of your mouth. We at Hot Wheels Calgary YouTube channel advise the use of a seatbelt for this wild ride.

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