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Hot Wheels Calgary Racing Thread

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Better late than not(like yesterday)...

It's Monday! Y'all know what that means,right? Yeah.. Back to the 4 lane races! WHOOHOO!

Sorry for be absent for so long... Last week was crazy... Hopefully this week will be smoother!

It's Two For Tuesday! Double the points in the points run! It's also the first race using cars sent in from Mr.Moms Racing!! Bubba and the crew always bring the speed!! Also, here's information on the upcoming Hot Wheels Calgary Mod Racing if you would like to get in on it!!

It's 4 wide Wednesday!! What's that? Well.. Go check it out!

What can I do to help start your weekend on the right foot?? Hmm... I know!!


I apologize for not getting yesterday's race posted for y'all, but just think, it makes for a great Two For Tuesday!



I know it's been a while since I have posted the daily races, but with being sick and a busy schedule, it's been tough. But hopefully I can get back into things and get you your daily dose of Hot Wheels Calgary Daily Diecast Racing! No time like the present!

Oh.. And more cars showed up too...

Today's Race

Mail Call

It stinks waking up because your I'll(almost over it..whoohoo) but it works out well for you because I get today's race posted that much sooner! Happy Free Them Friday!

I know I know.. I've said this before... June was a rough month for me.. Spent most of it fighting a sinus infection.. Still fighting the tail end of it.. But hopefully I can get back into the swing of things and get you your daily diecast racing fix! No better time to start than the present! Happy "Free-Them" Day to all my fellow Americans!!

Happy Free Them Friday! Have a great weekend!

Good morning! Happy Monday!

Happy Two For Tuesday!

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