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Hot Wheels Calgary Racing Thread

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Have I got a treat for you! First we have the daily race and then a special mail call video.. If you watch the King of the Mountain series on the 3DBOTMAKER channel and/or your from Calgary, your in for a treat! Enjoy!

Daily Race

Mail Call

Its been a busy day but I haven't forgotten to bring you today's race! Things are winding up at Birdco Raceway and soon it will be disassembled and plans for a new track setup will be made. Have a great weekend everybody!

Great Scott! There's a Delorian FTE in today's race! Will it achieve the needed 88 mph for the win? Let's go find out!

Ready for a "shocking" race?

I've got a double feature for ya today! First is today's race followed by some fun I had with my Pastor the other night. Hope you enjoy it!

Today's race

Some fun with Pastor Jason

The last few days have been absolutely crazy for me.. The van died(currently being fixed), unexpected visitors(always happy to help a stranded friend of a friend), a house full of people to have one last night of racing at Birdco Raceway(video hopefully coming soon..if I find time...) before it had to come down,signed the paperwork for the house we're buying...and yes,sadly,we said goodbye to Birdco Raceway last night.... Oye.. Makes me tired just thinking about it.. Anyway.. I hope today's post will make up for lost time...

First up... Mod Racing!

Next,a tour of the car hauler on the wall of Hot Wheels

A tour of my Mini-Hot Wheels

Yesterday's race

And last but not least,today's race...

It's a big day today! Happy Valentine's day! Happy "I become a home owner today"day for me and pretty close to the last of the carded cars get raced in today's race!.. Oh.. I almost forgot... There's a surprise in today's race... We get an unexpected winner.. Which one? Well, you'll have to watch to find out!

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