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Hot Wheels Calgary Racing Thread

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It's Super Trooper Saturday! Don't get busted for not watching this race!

Don't forget to join us tonight at 7pm Mountain Time for the Track Master Shootout! Some of my friends from church are coming over and were going to race a whole bunch of cars! Hope you can join us!

Let's make this long weekend in Canada even better with 2 Hot Wheels Races! Have a great day everyone!

What do you do when you get free passes for the Banff Gondola? You go Hot Wheels racing on top of a mountain,of course!

  • Ha!!! If I tried to take Hot Wheels with me on vacation...The Lady of Speed would...well, it wouldn't be good. — LeagueofSpeed

It's Panel Truck Tuesday!

It's Wednesday!..Whatever!

Have a great Fire Truck Friday!

It's Stock Car Saturday!

Let me help your Monday go's a couple races for you!

Wakey wakey! It's Wobbly Wheel Wednesday!

Don't forget tomorow new format for racing and new format for the fantasy league points system.. Watch to the end of this video and find out the details.. It's going to be great!

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