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Hot Wheels Calgary Racing Thread

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Today's race is one not to miss!! It's brother vs brother and make sure to watch the finish line for a big surprise(that I missed while filming)!!

This is sibling rivalry at it finest!

It's a double vision double feature twosday! Two for Tuesday! Enjoy the double feature race as well as the latest mail call from Mopar Mafia!!

  • I commented over on the Youtube side. Thanks for the shout out. Please keep the racing and videos coming. — Mopar_Mafia

It's Wagon Wednesday! Keep on haulin'..the weekend is almost here!

It's Thursday! What better way to start a Thursday than with 4 Lotus'? Huh? Why not? BTW..the channel hit 250 subs last night! Whoot Whoot! Thanks to each of you who support the channel! And for those who haven't subbed yet? What are you waiting for? When you subscribe you get a notification of the new videos before they even hit Facebook! Come on over and join the points run as well! Thanks again! And... Happy Hot Wheeling!

Good Morning!It's Friday!And Even better for me..I'm going on vacation! So over the next week or so, my postings will very likely be hit and miss..but the good news is that you can come over and subscribe and not miss a single video the whole time! Just click the subscribe button and your golden!

Now, with that out of the way, I messed up a bit yesterday, so to make up for it, here's yesterdays and today's races!! It doesn't get much better..Friday..Vacation..2 races! Have a great weekend and week!See you when I get back!

Guess who's back from vacation? It's time to get back into the swing of things!
Hot Wheels Calgary YouTube channel grew by a few subscribers over the last week or so...if you haven't subbed yet, you missed a whole lot of great racing..including a few amazing finishes and a few good wrecks too!
Anyway, here's today's race! Have a blessed day my friends!

Happy Thursday!
Today we race some of the elegant and artfully crafted cars from the 30s..

It's 4x4 Friday!

It's Sunday Sunday Sunday.... Time for some Hot Wheels Racing before racing to Church....
Drivers....start your engines!!

I'm gonna buy me a Mercury and race it on down the track....

It's 2 For Tuesday!
It's 2 For Tuesday!

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