Hot Wheels Cybertruck

redlinederby Friday, 2/21/2020
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While the Cybertruck looks like every sci-fi vehicle I drew in 4th grade, and that brings back some good memories, I can't stand this design. Big, little, whatever...meh.

I'm not a complete form-over-function type of guy, but this thing is just too much function and zero form. I'm sure it does its job well and in the future it will be used to fight off an army of Terminators just like I had it do in elementary school, but for now, you can keep it.

Mattel is promoting is an R/C version and it doesn't appear there is a mainline 1/64 scale available yet. But when they do get it to the pegs (and they will), with my luck, this casting will be as fast as hell and I won't be able to avoid it.


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WorpeX 2/21/20

....I kinda want one

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Mattman213 2/21/20

I've embraced other castings that I hate in the name of speed (way2fast, what42, funny cars etc) but I dunno.  If its fast I'll snag one inevitably tho but otherwise...meh.


One of the ugliest vehicles they’ve made since the Gremlin and Pinto, but decades later people want them more now than then. I expect this truck will be more for collectors in the future and increase in value because it’s so ugly. As for the casting, I’ll definitely be grabbing a few of them, as they’ll be great to mod with those body lines. It’ll be the hottest mod since the Zoom In. Hopefully they’re fast right out of the blister with nice wheels and axels and no real riders!

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redlinederby 2/24/20
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Looks like we'll be grabbing the Cybertruck as an iD car, but at least the iD cars will be dropping down to $5 a pop rather than $7. A little more tolerable.

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