Hot Wheels exhibit at COSI science center coming this winter

redlinederby Thursday, 9/20/2018
Site manager

The COSI science center here in Columbus, Ohio will be hosting a Hot Wheels exhibit over the winter to show the fun of physics, science and cars. Typical stuff you might expect for a science museum.

If you're within driving distance, it should be a pretty good time. I'm a big supporter of COSI and have been going there since I was a kid. It's a great museum with lots of things to keep your family engaged.

It also reminds me when RLD helped a science museum in Colorado with a similar exhibit. Members donated cars to the museum that were used by families to play and learn. It was definitely a proud moment and highlight for RLD of the past several years.

Anyway...always good to highlight and share when Hot Wheels can bring fun to a larger audience and hopefully get the whole family involved.

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