Hot Wheels exhibit at Longmont Museum

Saturday, May 24th, 2014
redlinederby Saturday, 3/1/2014
Site manager

Exhibit now through September

Planes, Trains and Automobiles
May 24 – September 14, 2014
Longmont Museum, Colorado
Admission is $5 adults, $3 children.

Children and families will uncover the secrets of model planes, trains, and automobiles. Whether it flies, runs on rails, or zips on roads, the Longmont Museum’s exhibition has it! Visitors will see realistic models, antique models and collectible models, as well as build and test their own models and layouts using Hot Wheels, flight simulators and wooden train track at the Museum.

Redline Derby leads donations

I was contacted by the Assistant Curator of the Longmont Museum in Colorado asking if Redline Derby would be able to help them organize a diecast donation for an upcoming exhibit in the Spring. I told him that I would most certainly help and donate cars, and would also pass the word along to the faithful Redline Derby members to rally the troops...and the Redline Derby community did not disappoint!

More than 100 cars were sent to the Longmont Museum in donation for the event and Redline Derby Racing led the way amongst sponsors. The donated cars are being used in the hands-on exhibit to educate kids about transportation, motion and wheels. There will be a lot of cars flying around their great track.

Personally, I am very proud of our membership and was honored to be part of the museum's educational efforts. I want to thank every Redline Derby member that sent in cars...know that your charity is being put to good use!

Last year they did a LEGO exhibit that looked like it was a lot of fun and was told it is quite the success with the community. I wish my local museum would do a LEGO exhibit! They're expecting a good response for this transportation exhibit as well and I'm happy and proud to have Redline Derby be a part of it.


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model40fan 3/1/14

10 cars... count me in Brian...

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Dadvball 3/1/14

I will do the same.

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Milton-Fox 3/1/14

I have 10 cars boxed and ready to go on Monday!

It was 80 on Saturday - today it is 14 and has thunder sleeted almost all day, so we are already iced in for tomorrow! Will have to wait until Tuesday to get to the post office.

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delta6 3/2/14

10 blister packed cars com'n right up!!

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Latinroc 3/2/14

20 nib on the way

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GspeedR 3/2/14

I have 10 track-ready cars(NIP) ready 2 go 2 CO...5 plastic on metal, 5 metal on doubt about it, delivers !!

edit 3/3: Shipped out 15 cars today...can easily ship out more if we fall short of 100.

edit 3/13: UPS delivered the cars to Longmont yesterday

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model40fan 3/28/14

shipped 3/29...

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redlinederby 4/1/14
Site manager

Just a reminder that the deadline is May 1st to get donor cars to Colorado. I'll be shipping my big box out this weekend with carded and loose cars, along with some RLD swag for them to give out to whoever wants it.

Can't thank you all enough for your donations to this museum...hopefully it will get us some new members and interested families.

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redlinederby 4/14/14
Site manager

Quick bump as the deadline for donations is approaching soon.

If you haven't sent out any cars yet, do so soon and they should arrive in time.

I know the museum in Colorado has received lots already and are very thankful for our help...and I thank you all as well.

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redlinederby 5/1/14
Site manager

Another bump...despite May 1st having come and gone, this exhibit doesn't open until the end of the month. Taylor, our contact at the museum, has received many donations including some RLD swag to give out. 

But it's not too late if you care to send in a few more cars!

Once the exhibit opens we'll get back some photos and feedback on the event. Thanks to everyone that has donated already.

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redlinederby 5/22/14
Site manager

Got an update from the Longmont Museum today about their Planes, Trains and Automobile exhibit opening this week along with a few preview photos. Redline Derby will be included on their Wall of Donors and the stack of RLD stickers I sent them will be given out at their gift shop and at the exhibit. It should be a good opportunity for our little corner of the internet to get some exposure and maybe even a few new members.

I want to thank everyone that sent them cars for their exhibit. From the looks of things they should be put to good use, and in good company with some classic redline cars and other collectors.

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redlinederby 6/3/14
Site manager

Got a photo update from the museum in Colorado...and check out our spot at the top of the sponsor board! I again want to thank everyone that donated cars. I'm proud of our community and regardless where in the US racing is happening, I'm happy to know Redline Derby can be there. Great job, everyone!

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