Hot Wheels Mega Track Pack, 40-feet of track for $20

redlinederby Wednesday, 2/7/2018
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If you're looking for a good deal on some Hot Wheels orange track, you can get 40-feet of track for $20 in the Mega Track Pack available online from Walmart and Amazon. You can also find it on eBay put prices might vary over there.

The track is the blue connector segmented type but for 40-ft it's a tough deal to beat. This is plenty of track to build good 2-lane drag track. You'd have a track length around 18-ft.

Availability may vary...


Yep, I got mine for $19.99 per pack direct from Mattel off Ebay with free shipping, and I had to because the older redline track and the seamless will not fit underneath the 6 Lane Raceway finish line when you move it from the bottom of the raceway. 

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redlinederby 2/9/18
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Got my track pack in 4 days rather than the 10 they predicted...fine with me!

The kid and I hooked it all up end-to-end and rolled cars from a dining room, through a kitchen, and into the living room. She loved it!

I wasn't a big fan of the blue connector track when it hit shelves but I think I've come around. Watching my daughter easily use connect/disconnect track with the blue button was telling...and gotta say, it's easier for big fingers too. 

I have 2-lanes of seamless on my Big Track but thinking the other 2 lanes might get the blue tab track. Not ideal having the mixed lanes but for home play it's great. RLD racing will just roll on the seamless lanes. 

Again, this track pack is a great deal. An investment of $50 will get you 80-ft of track, or 4-lanes of 18-ft drag racing!

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redlinederby 2/10/18
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It never gets old seeing a bunch of orange track stacked up...

And the 40-foot run with a booster and two 180 curves to avoid obstacles...

Most didn't survive Double Dead Man's Curve but a few made it almost to the end. 

  • Looks like some good fun with the kid — LeagueofSpeed
  • My favourite sight. A lot of hot wheels laying on the floor throughout the house. — 41-14
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41-14 2/10/18

wish we could get the same deals north of the border. When you add shipping costs it’s better for us to just buy the 4 packs from our local Walmart. For whatever reason Walmart Canada doesn’t carry a lot of the stuff that’s available down in the states. And we can’t get anything like the mega packs shipped to Canada. 

But the kid loves the track with the blue connector because it’s easy for her to connect and disconnect. 

  • Sounds like we need to start a smuggling ring. I'll meet you in Windsor. Code word is: Tippy Toe — redlinederby
  • Lol. I’m game. — 41-14
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Dadvball 2/11/18

Thanks for the heads up Brian. I just placed my order for a set. Free shipping. Supposed to be here by the 20th. 

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Dadvball 2/13/18

Got it today. Don't know what I'm doing with it yet but at least I have it. 

Your going to build a two lane 20' raceway and start hosting races!!!!!

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Dadvball 2/13/18

My set up right now is pretty much scaled at 1/8 mile due to space. I used to host races but once they started being videoed I stopped because I'm just not tech savvy enough or have the equipment. Maybe one of these days. 

  • Video isn't a requirement, just a nice to have. Don't let that stop you. — redlinederby
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41-14 2/14/18

Just curious as to what everyone uses to videotape the races. Going to be upgrading my phone soon (going back to an iPhone) and my iPad.  Is there a preference (quality etc.) that one should look at. And I’ve never edited a video before but would like to take the time to learn. What video editor is, at the same time, decent but also user friendly. Would like to learn a bit and then possibly host a race in the great white north. Lol. 

Brian (41-14 Racing)

We are using an ancient IPad right now, but are close to upgrading to the IPad4.

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redlinederby 2/14/18
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Gonna toss the video conversation over to this thread, just to keep things on-subject. Lets leave this thread about the track stuff.

Or feel free to start a new thread on video, editing, etc.

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