What is a good/best device to video races

LeagueofSpeed Sunday, 3/12/2017

Going to have to ask this eventually, so what are some recommendations for videoing of races. Thanks in advance.


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72_Chevy_C10 3/13/17
Event coordinator

Lots of light! Video eats up a lot of light...more than you think you'll need.

I do everything on my phone...Galaxy 5...and I film at 1/4 speed (go in the preferences in your camera and you can adjust the speed there).

Other than that...just do a lot of tests...don't wait until race day to figure it out :)

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  • Yes, test before you do your final racing. It will take twice as long as you expect. — redlinederby
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redlinederby 3/13/17
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Yes, light is key - white light, at that. 

Here's a quick article I wrote about how I light my track.


Has a pic of my setup too...basically just lots of lights pointing and reflecting onto the track. Nothing too fancy but affordable as you get started. Basically, you can never have enough light. 

My basement has yellow walls which is horrible even with the decent light...hoping to paint them white this spring. So even if you have a bunch of lights, if your environment is dark or a shitty color (like mine) then the video will be less than desired. I should probably also use more reflecting than I do so the light spreads out more. I want to have lights above the track too.

I use my iPhone's slow-mo video and it does pretty well. I've tried doing post-production slow-mo with an editor but it never comes across very well...but I am also horrible at video editing. I should do a long write-up on how I make my videos, but in short, I capture all my races then "live edit" them using OBS to record the final video. 

Not only do I feel this saves me time, it's the same process I use to live stream (and same software) so it keeps things the same without having to switch around my setup. The live editing does require more up-front work and planning but once you have your pattern down, it runs smoothly and quickly.

One thing I have yet to be happy with is my camera shots. My race videos are me following the cars by hand. It's hard to stay consistent between races and I never quite feel like I get a good shot of the race...I'm either too far or too close. I'm trying to find a way to have a more fixed camera setup and/or 2 cameras, one for the start+drop and one for the stretch+finish. Sadly enough, I don't have a computer in my basement and my laptop isn't beefy enough to do the video I need.

I take the approach that my videos are not just for showing the results of a random race but also there to serve as a promotional tool. If a few extra steps will make someone watching think, "this is pretty neat, I'll check it out," and joins us in the hobby, then I've done my job. 

Wife is into photography, so we have ample lighting available. My youngest did some video on her I-tablet and we put that on youtube, so will most likely stick with that concept for now.....though she has informed me I have to pay her now!!!

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redlinederby 3/13/17
Site manager

Worth mentioning that if you end up doing several videos for a race or tournament, it's best to make a YouTube playlist and then share that playlist here on the site. Playlists let the page load faster and makes it easy for folks to watch videos in order.

Here's a quick how-to, just in case:

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