Hot Wheels Race Case, more track packs

redlinederby Friday, 6/1/2018
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Was out at Meijer and not only saw a nice 15-ft track pack for $10, but saw this Hot Wheels Race Case that stores 14 cars but also doubles as a gravity drop starting gate.

I found it a very clever design. It extends a bit and has a very short transition where you connect your own track. There is peg start at the top with a release. Cars go down the chute and into the curve, out to your own track straight.

I didn't buy it but the curve is very short and looks very harsh. I'm sure Mattel tested this thing to death but just seems like cars would fall and crash. Probably depends how you hold/hang the thing, I guess. Either way, neat idea.

If anyone buys it, please share your own experience.


Yes, I thought they were clever too. I've been waiting to see one in person before purchasing. I'm always looking for quick set-up items to use with the kids.

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GspeedR 6/12/18

I think Ghostjerker used one of these in one of his recent vids. Talk about a killer transition angle! There is no way I would use this with any car that I really cared about (which is most of them). This thing is an axle bender if I've ever seen one.

That does not qualify as a "transistion" in any way shape or form.

I just watched GJ video...that Gravity Drop is a POS...only a handful of cars can even negotiate the drop/transistion.....poorly designed product.

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CrazyEights 7/11/20

I bought one of these. Excrement!!!

For kids who don't care.

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