Hot Wheels Show-Calera,Alabama March 17th

fisherman Sunday, 3/11/2012

Hot wheels Show March 17th 2012..Calera, Alabama...Hwy 31...Sell-Buy orTrade-also there will be a Down Hill Drag Race Starting about 10:AM...about 30miles south of Birmingham....


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model40fan 3/12/12

too far away for me, but glad to see diecast drags going on no matter the distance.... mail -ins ?

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fisherman 3/13/12

Theres not enough time for mail in Now...But maybe we will do a Mail In Race Next Month...What would You Like and how much Entry Fee?? Our RULES are You can Only Race = Fords-Chevys- Old's- Plymouths-Willis-Dodges-..ALL cars Must have Plastic Bottoms and CAN NOT weight over 1.60 Oz...We do use a Digital Scale.....Track is 32 Feet....Thanks Paul, oh by the way i'm 64...

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rg9254 3/14/12

Please post the address for the Hot Wheel Show. I would like to come in from Birmingham
with my 2 youngest sons ages 10 and 13. Ok maybe even the 19 yearolds. Thank You

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fisherman 3/15/12

From Birmingham go south on I-65 take the Calera Exit turn right,go to Hwy 31,turn right go up to 8Ave and turn Left...1/2 block on the right....or you can call me at 205- 475-0613...Thanks

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