Hot Wheels Track Dollar Tree

Saleens281 Saturday, 9/26/2020

Fellow racers this 2 x 2 ft hot wheels track sections have been popping up in our local Dollar Trees. (St. Louis, MO area) 4 feet of track for a buck is a great deal. You won't find any at the dollar tree I was just at. Whoops! Need 162 foot for something in the works, but if your building something new or just looking to add track. Might want to check out your local Dollar Trees if you have any in your area. Beats the 3 foot for 1.99 at the big box stores! Happy Racing!!


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CrazyEights 9/26/20

Yeah mine doesn't carry it.

  • Keep checking gal said they just got the shipment in 2 days ago. Kinda like looking for TH and STH. Constantly on the look out!! — Saleens281
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Peter_Bee 9/26/20

I got the last 80 feet from my Dollar Tree

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