Hot Wheels USPS stamps coming soon

redlinederby Tuesday, 8/28/2018
Site manager

Looks like we'll get those Hot Wheels postage stamps we never knew we wanted. Report from over at Orange Track Diecast says they'll be here at the end of September.

Check out the details over at OTD, but for us here, which other (original) castings would you want to see on stamps?

And I'm guessing you'd have to pick original HW designs, as that's what these stamps celebrate. I'm guessing the licensing was too much to have real world cars, but at the same time, we're cheering Hot Wheels here, not Chevy or Ford.



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redlinederby 2/9/19
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Finally got my hands on some stamps. Looks nice in a frame. 

I got some.

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Big_Poppy 4/2/19

Me Too!

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