hot wheels video car

georgeb Tuesday, 9/6/2011 $60. Up to 60 FPS and has viewing screen underneath. Keeps up with traffic.


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WorpeX 9/6/11

So cool!

they've been in target and toys r us for about a month. I had one pre-ordered and am pretty happy with it. It films the track really good, but the camera sits low and it doesn't film cars in parallel lanes so well. The play back screen on the base of the car is a great feature. The battery charge will last about 40-45 minutes. You can select indoor and outdoor modes as well as 30fps or 60fps. The site to download the video software (a mattel site) was down and I had to wait about a week for it to come back up.

A bit too expensive for a toy, but a great tool for race promotions. Will be even better once the camera is relocated.

All in all, I'm happy with it.

I'd say four stars as a tool. Three stars as a toy.

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Jobe 9/7/11

I'm holding out for Christmas!

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georgeb 9/8/11 I wonder if the software allows pics to be taken from the vid.

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GspeedR 10/23/11

My local Target had them on sale for $49.95, so I bought one today. Now, all I need to do is build a track big enough to use it least it should give me some incentive to do so.

edit: I recorded several brief vids last night and will post them once I figure out how. I swear, watching the video of a 'Thunder Roller' chasing the camera car looks like something out of Stephen King's "Maximum Overdrive".

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