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Freedom_DieCast_DragRacing Friday, 4/5/2024

How do hosts come up with weight classes for their cars? Is there a standard to determine which cars fall where? I am curious for two reasons. I want to break up my home collection according to their weights and I want to participate in and host my own races eventually. If there is a set standard, I want to use it. 


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41-14 4/5/24

Check out Scale Racing, DXP Racing and Elevation Diecast. They probably have the best videos of the weight classes that everyone seems to be using. This seems to be the set standard for different weight classes. 

I try to get the most out of my track. So I try to get an average weight of the cars that finish the race. I'm not as worried about the time yet.. then when I do a tournament I will usually get the best results because everyone is finishing the race.  I want everyone to finish for closer competition.  Hope I explained that well enough. 

For me it is based on the track. Everything is hand built and so it's held together with superglue, so I limit cars to 50g because if I'm racing four cars at a time, that can be 200g coming straight into a corner that can break the glue loose if they hit badly. For my rally tracks, I've opted for 40g max as i use uphill sections and the heavier cars require too much power to get boosted uphill.

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DXPRacing 4/6/24

Pretty standard to use the 10g rule.  My weight classes differ a little from the others because of where I break mine at.  The 62g class is broken there instead of 60g to allow cars to separate from the heavy Funny Car castings from Hot Wheels.  

A lot just depends on your track at home and how well different weighted cars run on it.  I did a basic organization of cars: 35g and under, 36g to 45g, 46g to 55g, and 56g to 65. 

Then i started running them and seeing which weight classes had the best times on my 2 lane, 5 curve track. Turned out to be unhelpful since I had 34 gram cars that could beat some 50 gram cars down the track, but at least they were organized!

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