How about a funny car race?

KandORacing Wednesday, 6/3/2015

Just an idea I was kicking around in my head today....

 - Any brand / make / model of diecast funny cars

 - Weight limit 80g

 - Any Wheels

 - Drilled rivets

 - Dry lubes only

 - Limit 3 cars per team

  Team paint jobs would be cool, easpecially if they each had a sponsor of some sort on them.

What does everyone think of this? Feel free to leave ideas / questions below.


These are tough to "Drill" most have no rivits... just a hinge.  And you can wreck a hinge easy. Will the cars still need to open, or flop? There was a flopper war back in the day... and the original pro-stock &funny car race . McGiggles dominated the Funny car race, Smitty came from behind and beat me by 1 point in the pro-stock.... still stings

I've got a bunch of 'Spawn' funny Cars that I've been wondering what do to do with them! Count me in.

It would be tough if they had to still open...might make for some good wrecks in slow motion though! 

If this gains speed, I'll host a round, Keith. 

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FOTF 6/3/15

I would allow stockers for this one; otherwise, it sounds good.

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redlinederby 6/3/15
Site manager

I'm gonna second the stock allowance. I just think having a bunch of funny cars facing off as-is would be worthwhile and interesting. We all know funny cars are good racers but they also seem pretty fickle, so just picking a good stock is difficult.

I know I have a couple cars I'd send in...I've been saving them for something like this.

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KandORacing 6/3/15

I too, have found that you basically have to cut a small portion of the hinge off, and basically just epoxy the body on solid. Racers an make the bodies solid, or still openable, as they wish for this race. But keep in mind that loose parts on cars tends to slow them down, so most will probably want to hold theirs to the chassis solid anyway.

As for allowing stocks.... I know that can be very controversial, but as Brian said, lots of them are sub-par performers, so it's not like everyone here is going to have fast stock funny cars. 

We can do a vote on that matter, though. any racers intrested in this event, please vote yes or no on stockers. Majority vote will decide wether or not stocks can be run with the mods.

I suggest allowing wheel and axle swap to even out JL vs HWs. JL's just rot!!! but look real good. Also let them flip flop, will make for some good photo opps.

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KandORacing 6/3/15

Of course wheel swaps will be allowed, since it is a modified race. I agree that flopper bodies would be great, but it is hard to take the body off without wrecking the hinge, as TE mentioned.

  • Why not do a full tournament with rails, prostocks and such? — Stroller
  • We could, but we are just now getting done with a pro stock series already though. — KandORacing
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