how do you keep an event organized?

dr_dodge Monday, 3/13/2023

As many already know, the slot car club I race at is going to try Friday Night Racing (1/64 scale)

Maxx track drag strip, using even/proxy start

what physical system do y'all use to keep cars/heats organized?

special boxes?  printed labels? etc.

we are going to run the first in house practice event next weekend between normal 1/32 comp races

I have all week to fab up some accessories, and would love to know some tips and tricks for running an event.

The current proposed format planned is 8 cars makes a heat race set, (8 to 4 to 2 to 1)
top 2 stay until the last heat, and race all other winners 
that way we can start running heats right away, vs waiting until 16/32 cars to start the event.

RIO's, and mods 1-3 based upon their weight

any input is much appreciated


Spreadsheets & plastic organizers w/ dividers

If you're only doing 32 cars it should be super easy

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SpyDude 3/14/23

Simple bracket printed out on paper, set each car on its spot on the bracket. You go from four on each side to two to one, then the two in the middle race each other for the bracket's winner. Literally just like 3D runs KOTM, except with fewer cars.

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redlinederby 3/14/23
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For wins/losses and the bracket, just a paper print-out while I was running things. Nothing easier than a pencil and paper. Later I would transcribe that to an online bracket for easy sharing. I always ran heads-up drag races so the format was easy - 2-in-a-row wins while alternating lanes. And standard bracket from there.

As far as keeping the cars organized, I got little bins from the Dollar Store and put an entry per bin; car + entry form. If I was running a lot of cars I'd also put little number stickers on each car so it was easier to track and keep together. 

I can't emphasize the importance of bins to keep things together if you're doing mail-in racing. People will send you various containers and such and they want them back, so the bins make that easy as well. There's nothing worse than trying to figure out who's it what after the race.

Might also be worth browsing through the Hosting articles here on the site. Lots of good links and info that might spark some ideas.

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Chaos_Canyon 3/15/23

I keep a spreadsheet listing all the drivers, a description of the car (or at least the paintif all cars are the same like my Mustang tournament) and I track what race bracket they are in. Then I have plastic containers with dividers and I store their entry form with the car and I write the driver name on the outside of the case so I can see at a glance which one is which

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