How many of us are "that guy" at the store?

redlinederby Monday, 10/5/2015
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I remember not long ago when I was scanning the pegs at Kroger, talking to a guy that was there too and he mentioned he asks them for the cardboard display stands. There's a part of me that thinks "woah, cool" because he gets a branded thing in his cave, but more so I think, "that's a little extreme". Of course, a little later while I was getting bread, I saw him walk by with another cardboard stand.

That's just one recent story I can remember, but we've all seen "those guys" at the store that will go through every model on the pegs...or are door warmers...or just otherwise being "that guy" when it comes to Hot Wheels.

While I certainly enjoy looking for cars I want, I've never considered myself to be "that guy" because it just requires too much effort and I'm lazy. Or maybe my collecting standards just aren't high enough.

How many of you guys are (or maybe were) "that guy" when it comes to your Hot Wheels?

I have nothing against "that guy" - if anything, I admire his dedication - but at the same time I wonder what really drives that. Is it because he resells online? Or does he just want every variation possible?

And what's the best thing you've acquired that was a result of being "that guy"?

Of course, defining "that guy" is relative, but hey...


I used to look at every card, and pour through the dump bins.... Too many people are in this for the money, get the latest TH, or STH and sell it on eBay... not worth fighting someone trying to make a living...vs me just in it for the fun. 

Now I have come to realize the cars I am looking for are not in the stores. I can get everything and then some at local toy shows...cheaper too. 

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