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Frugal_Diecaster Thursday, 3/7/2024

Hi all.....I have a YouTube channel where I race on my tracks and it's been going pretty well. I've been considering doing a mail in tournament but am worried if I have the time/energy. But I definitely need cars to keep my current tournaments going. I've nearly exhausted all new models so I came up with this.....should I start a mail in tournament where if people send in cars, I promote their channel on mine? That way I get more cars to race and other channels get promoted. What do you all think?


First off...welcome!

second- what's your channel? I'm sure there are a few of us who would be interested in checking you out?

third- is it stocks that you're known for? Or modifiers that your after?

speaking from experience, the time and effort to really do a proper mail in justice is pretty time consuming, but it sounds like you already have a good appreciation for what it takes to pull off a good video. I can guarantee you that if you post a mail in here you will have an abundance of builders ready to participate. Just make sure you keep things organized when the packages start showing up. 

  • yea, I'd send a car to ya. — dr_dodge
  • and as said above welcome! — dr_dodge
  • I'd be interested. (I do not have a channel to promote). — Dutch_Clutch_Racing
  • Thanks for the welcome! My channel is Frugal Diecaster. Right now I only do stocks, packaged cards only. If I do a tournament for that and it goes well, then maybe move to modifieds. Thanks for the feedback! — Frugal_Diecaster
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redlinederby 3/8/24
Site manager

Indeed, welcome! I'll point to the Diecast Racing Iceberg first, worth a quick look and think.

If you're going to do a mail-in, you don't really have to worry about promoting other people's channels as a lure. There's no shortage of people that will jump on a mail-in race if you post it here and show your track. I mean, the cross-promoting is great for building good will but it'll happen naturally so don't sweat it too much. 

Maybe it kinda goes without saying, but don't worry about "growing your channel" - just focus on being organized and producing good races and the growth will happen naturally. 

Start with a small tournament for a mail-in. Even just 16 cars so you can stay on top of things and see what it takes. It's not for everyone and don't feel bad if it isn't. Mail-in racing is like 10% actual racing and 90% everything else...but the reward of seeing people have fun with their cars racing is wonderful.

If you've already been putting your races on your channel then you're half way there. Showing folks the quality of your non-mailin races will go far as to getting people and interest. Building that credibility just takes time and lots of reps - won't happen overnight.

I haven't checked your channel yet...but if you find out mail-in isn't really your bag, you can keep doing stock racing but spend time finding some different-ish ways to race them. Whether themes or do a pick-em with your followers. Lots of ways you can slice & dice to use the cars you have.

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StarCorps 3/9/24

Hello and welcome! 

Pick a theme, set some rules, show us your track and people will send cars. 

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