How would you describe Redline Derby to the public?

redlinederby Sunday, 2/9/2020
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With all the Triplemania promotion I've been doing over the last few weeks, I've had to hype up Redline Derby a bit more than normal, and that always results having to tell people what Redline Derby Racing...and for some reason, I never find that easy.

  • Is it a web site?
  • Is it a club?
  • Is it an event organizer?
  • A YouTube channel?
  • Is it articles and tutorials?

I's all of those things in many ways but I always have trouble getting my elevator pitch consistent. 

So just because I need some ideas, how would you describe Redline Derby to someone?

I'm going to be talking to a lot of people during Triplemania Weekend, many of which have no idea there is organized diecast racing. While others are very familiar with racing but have never heard of Redline Derby. And I want to pitch all of them to check out what we have here.

Any thoughts are appreciated and fair warning that I'll probably take all your input and smush it together to make something I can repeat over and over again.


Fricken AMAZING!!!

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WorpeX 2/9/20

RLD is all of those things. It's a Die-Cast racing Mecca!

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Mattman213 2/9/20

It's a forum that is a meeting place for diecast racers from all over to pick each others brains, show off their recent work and find cool themed races to build for and compete in.  It's a fun place for a fun hobby.


  • Fun place for a fun hobby...using that for sure. — redlinederby
  • Fun place for a Fun hobby with Fun people lol — Mattman213

I refer to Redline Derby as "THE online home for diecast racing". 

- Bruno

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