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HW Derby Dash stock mail-in

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JDC442 3/14/16

Brian's new race set up and video skills have pushed me over the edge and made me want to get in on this stock race.  Have a bit of spare time today, so I decided to dig out a few packages and do some testing.

I'm even going to bust open my prized 1988 all-metal Sol-Aire -it's time to see if it lives up to the hype.

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tnfishdaddy 3/15/16

I have been awol for a long time but I am back. I am digging through all my stuff digging it out of storage. Funny how life gets in the way lol. I just told my boys to find me three or four cars out that looked fast. I know, very scientific of us. When I get home tonight, we will test these three and I will be sticking two of them in the mail tomorrow. 

  • go fish dad and smelts go ! — fordman
  • 2 out of 3 ain't bad...the Lambo is probably the stinker — redlinederby
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Raceghost 3/15/16

Maybe this one will be another for me.

Two Cadillac V-16s will be shipped tomorrow. I added a green dot to Carte Blanche to indicate which is which. Also, two prize pot cars will be sent in, in which one is from my childhood collection and the other is a rare newer model.

  • Can't wait to face those bad boys! — JDC442
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tnfishdaddy 3/15/16

Going to do a quick test tonight after practice and will get some cars in the mail. Slowly cleaning out the area so we have room to test.

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Mcjiggles9 3/15/16

Weber Cabin and Rally Case Racing entrants are on their way! Hoping for some great action and expecting another great presentation from Brian! 

  • Sweet! — JDC442
  • bernie told me that a few years back you couldn't find a "salt flats racer" as the Japanese were racing HW on sky scaper rooves. — fordman
  • they bought every one he would get... go wc go ! — fordman
  • I'm cheering for that bus...looks well-loved — redlinederby
  • There's still some hops in the bus. Surprisingly straight for its age. I'm so impressed with 45 year old axles — cliffordshaw
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redlinederby 3/16/16
Site manager

Okay, so when I scheduled this I didn't pay attention that it was Easter'm not changing the date but results might not get posted until after Easter. I'll try to race during the week so I can get results up sooner but I'm not sure how the family schedule will go yet. Sorry, we'll get there :)

  • go find your eggs buddy... — fordman

EXCITED!  Mailed mine today USPS.  Should be at the PO Box by Saturday.  4 cars. 2 racers that I would like returned and 2 for the prize pot.  Car info is on the entry form.  

Please message me the email for paypal and I'll send return postage ASAP for the 2 racers I would like returned.  I think you said $5? 

I didn't graphite the racers.  Odd story: the wife "borrowed" my tube of graphite last week for some science class project at her school and she hasn't returned it yet, so, my racers are very stock.  I'm looking forward to seeing what happens. 

Shipping # 9505511066576077495860 

Rock on good people and Happy St Paddy's Day!

  • Thanks for the heads up, I'll PM you about payments — redlinederby
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WizardofOZ 3/17/16

The "TinMan"(Cadillac) and "Flying Monkey"(Chrysler) are on the way! Along with two donors. Scheduled to be there Saturday. This is my first mail in race so yes I am jacked! Redline Derby Rocks!

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redlinederby 3/17/16
Site manager

I'll do a pick-up hopefully Friday after work and then Saturday for sure. I'll be sending out jig orders then too.

Depending how many cars I get and if there's enough interest, I can do another preview show like I did for the Pro Series. It's pretty easy to setup and fun to do...although not sure how fun it will be to listen to be ramble about 18 Cadillac V16 stocks, ha! Anyway...I'll post roll call when they get here.

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redlinederby 3/18/16
Site manager

Was looking over some old stuff and realized that last March was the first big RLD rip-n-roll tournament. I guess it'll have to be a regular March thing from now, huh? 

A total 31 cars entered that race and after all the dust settled, CCrider won with his Cadillac V16...but only after having to fight K&O's Johnny Camaro twice. It wasn't a blow out match by any stretch, some really good racing.

Here's the thread from last March:

And here's the complete bracket:

Good luck to everyone this year...

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FOTF 3/18/16

Are you still picking cars up on the 21st? Maybe I can get my entry out tomorrow and hope it arrives in time.

  • Yes, last pickup on Monday 3/21 — redlinederby
  • Any chance you vould push it back a LITTLE farther?... I really do want to get a car in for this, and I should be able to get it out by.... — FOTF
  • ....tomorrow. Priority shipping could hopefully have it there by Wednesday. — FOTF

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