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HW Derby Dash stock mail-in

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redlinederby 4/13/16
Site manager

Cars were shipped out today. I PM'ed folks with with the tracking numbers...if you didn't get one, let me know.

With exception of a couple, all packages are expected to arrive next Monday.

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Chopper 4/14/16

Coverage of the race on today's new Hot 64!

The Carte Blanche and the other V-16 have returned with an official RLD sticker. Maybe those stickers can fit on small wooden plaques. The race actually made CB faster than before, beating another V-16 I used to race it against by another 1/4 centimeter. It will be raced at C4's Run Whatcha Brung in May 7.

Extra Story Ending:

Carte Blanche returned to the TSR garage with a crushed roof, blown suspensions, and mangled bodywork from being nearly torn to pieces by the Master Castrol. The engine wasn't too bad; only the radiator had to be replaced since it was chewed up. The crew eventually got the car up and running in a few days and its "carpets" were reinstalled with new connectors.

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