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HW Derby Dash stock mail-in

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Nicpetty003 4/7/16

Lol...your cute!

This may be one of the greatest stock races yet. An emperor, the tin man, and a flying monkey are in the race. The tin man seems to know exactly when to shift gears. Louenn uses a crystal ball to predict the future. A green light shines out, then becomes cyan. Both colors indicate diligence and fear. Perhaps this could be signifying the first Redline Derby tournament victory of Tracksurgeon Racing. He would be featured on the Hot 64-- a rookie with surprising performance. Otherwise, another failed success for Tracksurgeon Racing.

All of us who watched the finals noticed that the far lane was uneven. None of the finalists had won in both lanes as well. We're asking for a rerun of the round and maybe use a finish gate that indicates the finishing times?

  • Update- the rematch did happen and it's all good now. Very exciting! — Brakefluid_Tracksurgeon
  • It was good how that worked out. Great Cadillac you've got there! If only you'd put it in as a potential prize! — FOTF
  • There won't be any reruns, plus i don't have a timer finish — redlinederby
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WizardofOZ 4/7/16

If you drew the right lane was the "kiss of death". LOL

Storyline conclusion:

Louenn had no idea that the horn lodged in his head was actually the oxidized exhaust of Master Castrol. He questioned it; he left it there after his first accident, on his head. No one in the world knew that a shabby oil company that sponsored races was their master. The scars he had were from his accidents, caused by distractions from his unrecognized fear of the Master. His magical carpets were the only things that kept him safe from the dangers. They were gone, and he was going to meet his fate; he would be eaten by the Master Castro. As the Carte Blanche was initially knawed upon by the Master, he bailed out of the car, escaping from being devoured. He limped away from his smoke-engulfed Carte Blanche with fearful eyes and scars along his body. The man had no words to say nor could he speak even if he tried; the scar upon his throat had opened up from the shards of glass that cut him, with the "teeth" of the Master. He did not turn back to see Carte Blanche succumb to its devouring. He refused to be devoured himself. The young Franco-Belgian man with a crystal eye and an exhaust pipe lodged in his head that raced white limousines every race he entered had not had his last dance.

  • I've seen you on Facebook--would you mind sharing this to my "Fastest of the Fastest Racing" page when you get a chance? — FOTF
  • I'll share it — Brakefluid_Tracksurgeon
  • Maybe Castrol oil's NOT so shabby.... — FOTF
  • I'll be back on tomorrow to see it. — FOTF
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Nicpetty003 4/8/16

 That was awesome!!!!!! FOTF and Track-surgeon, RESPECT. I'm off to do some research to try to find a fast car that can beat you  guys......I'll be back!

  • Don't worry little puppy, you'll make it to the yard someday ... looks like you yipped from the porch this time! };D — FOTF
  • Great race! See you and whatever you can come up with in the next one! — FOTF
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WizardofOZ 4/8/16

I am taking great pride in the "Flyin Monkey" beating the Castrol FTOF in a heat race! Thats a fast car! Congrats on a well deserved win. Track Surgeon congrats to you as well! Great show VERY Professional! 

  • Thanks! I can give a few tips for how to build or find a fast entry. — Brakefluid_Tracksurgeon
  • Thank you; and I might say you've got a couple good ones--but yeah, especially that V16! ANGRAH MONKAH! — FOTF
  • Yep.....if I just could've pulled the left lane in one of those losses it might have been interesting. All in all THATS RACIN ! — WizardofOZ
  • I might add that I do think the fastest car won and it was a great show! — WizardofOZ

Brian, great race coverage... thanks for taking the time to host a double elimination event, AND putting together the post race show!!! It takes commitment.  Leading by example here...NICE!!!!

  • ^^^ What he said ^^^ — EconoCarl
  • .....ditto......over the top! Great work! — WizardofOZ
  • thanks, i know the track needs some work...but that's racing — redlinederby
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redlinederby 4/8/16
Site manager first off, thanks to everyone that entered and to the guys that tuned in for the live stream. Knowing people are watching makes a big difference, so thanks for that.

It's clear I need to improve my presentation process a bit so it doesn't take quite so long to do a recap. Not that I don't love spending 2 hours with you guys but I think there's some efficiencies I can make to better respect everyone's time. Thanks for tolerating the few technical issues that cropped up.

And congrats to FOTF for win. The Castrol funny lived up to it's reputation.

As for the racing itself, it was great with a few surprises along the way. Comments about the track are duly noted, I agree all the way. With a month before the next set of races, I'm going to strip my track down and see what I can do to make it better. I did my best to balance it before the racing but that's using a limited set of cars and I can only do so much...and I'll chalk some of it up to "that's racing." You can only do so much before you just gotta race. We can continue to debate the best way to determine winners for a race but lets do that in another thread.

I also think I'm going to see I can't change the hill of my track. I think it's a little too steep. I think extending it and decreasing the angle may help things a bit. This happened with my last track too so I'm not sure why I fell into the same trap again, but whatever.

I'll be packing up cars a bit this weekend and getting them out within the next week or so. If anyone needs they car back sooner, just let me know. I'll probably also be double-checking with entries to verify which cars are going into the prize pot and which ones go back home.

  • Live stream replay in the top post, scrub through it see your car race — redlinederby
  • Also, I'll post bracket photos tonight since the online version is unavailable — redlinederby
  • Thanks for hosting and presenting, Brian! — FOTF
  • If possible, it would be good to have Master Castrol back in time for Tuesday's meeting, but whichever works best. — FOTF
  • As long as you pack it well like you did with the MBX entries! Thank you for that as well. — FOTF
  • I can try to get it in the mail tomorrow, might get there by Tuesday — redlinederby
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Mcjiggles9 4/8/16

Brian I just watched the live show. That was incredible. So much fun to watch. Thank you so much for putting in the time and effort for this awesome spectacle. Great racing out there. The salt Flat racer did fairly well! Congrats FOTF for the win!

  • I was quite surprised at it's speed Cooper. Good choice! — JDC442
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Racetc 4/8/16

I watched this race live. It was awesome and my first. I'm new to the scene and hoping to jump on a race soon.

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redlinederby 4/8/16
Site manager

Since my usual online web site didn't work for the brackets, here are the photos of the paper brackets I used when racing. Apologies for the scratch...

Winner's bracket

Loser's bracket

  • Damn! Jim took out both of my cars! :) — EconoCarl
  • You're welcome Carl. My only losses were to Tracksurgeon's Cadillac #1 — JDC442

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