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Thursday, April 7th, 2016
redlinederby Friday, 1/8/2016
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New to the diecast racing hobby, or maybe just looking for an easy way to get involved? This tournament is a good place to start. No modding required...or allowed.

This is a no-mod race for stock Hot Wheels cars only. Pick up to 2 cars and send them in for your chance to win. This will be a standard bracket with double-elimination...random seeding and byes when needed, dependent on the number of entrants.

And if you're not sure what type of car to look for, check out the Redline Derby Fantasy League rankings to see which stock cars have a history of being fast. Then look for them (or something similar) on the pegs in your local stores.

This tournament will get a highlights video and possible preview episode as well, stay tuned.


Congratulations to FOTF and his Castrol Funny Car for the win. He'll get the Prize Pot of cars and Redline Derby Victory Sticker.


You can watch the live stream replay of the tournament here.


Entry Preview Show


Rules & Restrictions

  • Weight: No limit
  • Car size: Max 3.25" long by 2" high. Width should fit on standard HW orange track.
  • Limit 2 cars per entrant
  • Hot Wheels brand only. Any year, model, style
  • Any wheels, no limits; FTEs allowed
  • Unmodified cars only, no mods. Cars do not have to be in the package.
  • Dry lubes only


This is a Entry Prize Pot tournament, where the winner will receive all the cars entered in the tournament. The exception is if an entrant wants their car(s) returned, they must send along another car to take its place in the prize pot. 

How to enter

Post a reply along with how many cars you're going to enter. Cars should be at the host track before March 21. Actual racing will be held the following week.

Don't forget to print an ID card with your entry to help us keep things straight.

Also denote on your entry card if you want your cars returned after the race. If you do, please include some money (or send Paypal) to help cover that cost.

Send entries to:
Redline Derby Racing c/o Brian Vaughn
PO Box 842
Grove City, OH 43123

Scoring and Winning

This will be a single-host, double-elimination tournament. This will be a heads-up style race with no lane switching. Seeding will be random. The car that beats everyone else will win. 


Entries will be checked for modifications. Any offending cars will not race. Each car will be given one do-over if it comes off the track during a race. If the car comes off a second time, it will forfeit that match.

Tracks & Dates

This will be run on the Redline Derby Racing home track in Ohio


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KandORacing 1/8/16

I liked the prize format of the Matchbox stock race. Those who wish to have their cars back pay, but any that are willing to donate them as prizes if they don't win can do so.

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FOTF 1/23/16

I'm hoping to enter this. I've got one or two very fast cars that won't have anything else to do in the area that weekend (or anything overly necessary for the rest of March or possibly other months).

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redlinederby 1/29/16
Site manager

Updated some tournament details and links. Prize info.

The car I will enter is absolutely the fastest car of my entire collection, a stock FTE Cadillac V-16, nicknamed "Margot." Her length is at the maximum 3.25 inches. If this car loses, I'd like to have this car returned since this is my test car for other races.


  • Good choice. The C16 won big in our last stock tournament — redlinederby
  • And just mark on your entry form that you want it returned + money — redlinederby
  • She is indeed, a keeper! — CrzyTrkrDude

Can decals be added to an entry?

  • Yes, stickers and decals are okay. Just no "speed" mods allowed. — redlinederby
  • No lead stickers ;P — redlinederby
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redlinederby 2/8/16
Site manager

Updated prize and penalty details. Let me know if there is any confusion or questions.

All stock is me right now!  My collection is small but I will make some runs and figure out a couple to send!

In case if my entries happen to fail, I'll send in a customized 1999 Mustang and another mainline for the prize pot.

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redlinederby 2/12/16
Site manager

Fail? If your cars fail to win, that's okay - the winner will get ALL the cars regardless where they placed. Kind of like a pink slip race only you can choose which cars get the slip.

You only need to include extra cars if a) you want your entry cars back or b) you're just being nice.

I'm in.  

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redlinederby 2/15/16
Site manager

Finkle brought up a good point...anyone entering the Pro Series that hasn't already shipped out cars, feel free to pack your stock cars with your Pro Series mods to save the trouble for shipping later.

However, if you do, please include 2 ID entry slips so I know which cars go where and who owns what. I know it seems silly but it makes it much easier for me (and all hosts) when there are 2 dozen cars spread out on my bench! :)

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KandORacing 2/17/16

Just making sure I am understanding this all correctly here. I can have my entries returned if I wish as long as I pay for the shipping, correct?

My Mom (old-hen on the site) decided to enter as well and hers will be shipped out with mine.

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