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RustBeltRacing Tuesday, 3/3/2020

I'm building a new open track this summer and I got to thinking of a cool kickoff race. Would anyone be interested in a mail-in race with only Lesney Matchbox 1-75? This was my start in collecting and I love these cars. I think it would be cool to see some mods to these classic rides. I'm thinking full mods, 80g max. What do you think?


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LeagueofSpeed 3/4/20
Event coordinator

I'd say an all MBX Modified race perhaps...speaking for myself...I have none of the older MBX lying around.

  • All MBX would be cool. I've got none of these older cars either. — WorpeX
  • Yeah that was my concern. I think it would be really fun to see these modified to race cars. — RustBeltRacing
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Mattman213 3/4/20

Ive got a few and have some oddball HW's that have a tiny wheel that might work for a wheel swap but Im not sure if many others would have the cars to do this with.  Like LOS said, and all Matchbox race might work but this might be a tough ask.  


  • Maybe I'll start with something else and put that one like 6 months out. I'll make a video on my YouTube channel customizing one for racing just so we can see what they can do, if anything. — RustBeltRacing
  • Not a bad idea. If you can show it in action and others think its worth while they will enter! — Mattman213
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redlinederby 3/4/20
Site manager

We've done a few all MBX races in the past but nothing in recent memory so we're long overdue. Shame on us...we should do more, although Matchbox cars are always welcome in almost every race around here. We might collect mostly HW cars but as long as your car is 1/64 and meets the specs of a race, any brand is fair game.

I think the vintage races are great but it can be hard to find old castings, especially for MBX models which are probably few and far between in our overall collections. 

  • Yeah they're not exactly easy to find in the wild but eBay is plentiful. On the flip side, you're definitely not getting anything in decent shape for a buck like you can on the Hot Wheels pegs. You're talking $5-7 minimum for decent shape with a straight frame but I've found deals in the past in bulk. They are not cheap to collect haha What am I doing? — RustBeltRacing
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