Identifying Track Pieces

RobertBcfc Thursday, 1/23/2020

Whenever I watch a race and see a car I'd like to add to my collection, I always breathe a sigh of relief knowing the Fandom Wiki is there, enabling me to get a positive ID and add the model to my notebook.

Its not the same though when trying to emulate great track setups at home.  Of course there are the obvious bits that most of us can pick out straight away - the fantastic stuff produced by 3DBotmaker for example.

Where I tend to struggle, is where I watch a race and see a particular section, usually a curve of some kind, that I think would be great to build into my track to keep racing fresh and varied and fun.

Maybe this thread could be used for pics/vids of pieces of track that aren't immediately obvious and some of you might own, or be able to ID?

Heres an example - would love a few of the silver/grey coloured turns:

Any ideas as to a set they could be found in?


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redlinederby 1/23/20
Site manager

So this isn't an encyclopedia of track parts by any stretch but this blog that looks at vintage sets at least might have some clues. Personally, I just like going there and seeing the videos and photos.

Good idea on the track part database idea though. 

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MDG_Racing 1/24/20

Not 100% sure but I bet he will be glad to tell you. I looked at recent track sets and didn't find it. If you look close the Track Builder end connection at the curve, you don't see a formed button. But the entry to the curve has molded flares, so it is HW compatible if it is an off brand.

Their email is

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