If Mattel had an FTE wheel pack for sale, would you buy it?

WorpeX Sunday, 3/5/2023

So recently I subscribed to the Hotwheels Red Line Club and I saw that they had RealRider wheel packs available for sale. I thought to myself it would be really cool if they had a similar pack available for racers. Preferably only FTE1's with Nickel-Plated Axels. I know I personally would buy it, but is this something other people would be interested in?

Keep in mind if they do sell it, it would likely be an RLC exclusive product. So that would be $10 on top of whatever the wheel pack is, probably like $20 for 12-pairs of wheels based on what the Real-Riders cost. Maybe they would price it a bit lower since they're likely a lower cost to make.


I don't see why anyone wouldn't, though, I can attest that NPA's from other sources, like the color shifters, are equal in potential to an FTE...

I've gotten FTE's into the shop that are worse than some modern axles you can get off a mainline today even.

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redlinederby 3/5/23
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Based on this discussion around the same idea, yeah, I think folks would. If a pack of axles had a dozen or so in it, then the $10 is probably worth it assuming they're all nice and straight and stuff.

The catch with something like axles is all the various body widths they'd have to account for...that would make it tough. And same with wheel sizes. But since we're wishlisting here...heck yeah, FTE packs would rock.

  • Good point about the axles! Wonder how that works with the RearRiders pack. — WorpeX
  • Additionally, I made this thread to link to Mattel if there was a big response. I created a similar thread in the RLC forums. — WorpeX
  • agreed — LEGION_OF_DOOM

I'd be more interested in the standard wheels and axels but with the cooler rims from the real rider wheels, but I know they won't do that. 

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Numbskull 3/6/23

I'd be more interested in purchasing the tool to create the 'consistent' hub on the end of the axle.

  • That'd be interesting. Some sort of crimper-like thing that makes the nub stopper on the end of a axle, stock or otherwise. — redlinederby
  • yup — Numbskull
  • fencing pliers are about as close as I've found. Takes a little practice. — Redline_Salvage_Inc
  • I bought a set of fencing pliers. They're frustrating and fun. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B000JNPQX4?psc=1&ref=ppx_yo2ov_dt_b_product_details — Numbskull
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NDeavers80 3/6/23

Honestly no. 

I would be interested in getting plastic wheel sets that have various rim options, like Real Riders do. I found a site online that has plastic wheels for sale, but they are only one size and they are a small size.

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dr_dodge 3/13/23

could a tool be made that would take a wheel and reform current wheels if the criteria is making any wheel straight/true/ and shaped?

maybe a die/alignment jig and a heater so you get that "hot shiney" wheel surface?

just brainstormin' 

One of the main reasons i've pulled back from buying the premium real rider cars and sets.... from my observations they tend to be slow , so with that being the situation i'm lookin into putting a few of those cars aside and do wheel swaps with cars that have simular chassie shapes and switch them out to see how that can work,,,,, but in the meantime im just getting the cars with the plastic wheels and playing around with them and see how they will perform to speed,,,,, straight drag race vs track ciruit racing are two different animals and even if a car is fast down a straight doesn't mean it can perform in the curves....and looking at how certain cars perform on different tracks can tell a tale but that can change at any given moment or on any given track


I would 100% buy it. Right now I'm buying FTE cars just to tear them apart lol

  • me too... I'll take wheels/axels wherever I can get them! — G_ForceRacing
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Marco_Polo 4/7/23

What about Mario Kart tires???

Yes I would as im collecting as many FTE's as I can


they should call FTE wheels "Faster Than Ever" because they are so freakin fast!

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