I'm back with an idea! RLD Olympics!

Saturday, August 6th, 2016
MattCat Wednesday, 5/11/2016

I haven't had time for this site. Yeah, I'm gonna be honest. My job is pretty god damn hectic (but it pays the bills pretty well lol) so I really couldn't be active. But I've got an idea. You know how the olympics are on this year? Why don't we make an olympics, but for the cars? I know we cannot adapt most events to fit cars, but I thought we could do the following:

100 m sprint: Easy, just race the cars down the track!

Long Jump: Put a jump at the end of the track and see how far they go! 

Marathon: Run them down a driveway, or something like that :)

If you have any ideas for more events, tell me! They might even be added!

Rules & Restrictions

  • Let's just say weight doesn't really matter here! Have your car at least under 100 grams though.
  • Size doesn't either!
  • 2 cars per event
  • No brand restrictions, obviously.
  • You don't need FTE's.
  • Stock cars allowed for the kiddos who can actually race cars that belong to them lol, they'll have a category in each event  all to themselves!
  • Must be drilled rivets for the people who know what they are doing :)
  • Dry lubes only



How to enter

Post a reply along with how many cars you're going to enter, I guess at this stage

Where to send your cars

We need hosts! I, sadly cannot host as I am too busy.

Don't forget to print an ID card with your entry

Entry deadline


Scoring and Winning

With a system of 1 point per bronze, 2 points per silver, and 3 for a gold, the person (country) that has the most points at the end wins!


Don't really know yet.

Tracks & Dates


Series tracks
  • Date, State - Host username
  • Date, State - Host username
  • Date, State - Host username
  • Date, State - Host username
  • Date, State - Host username

Winners and Results



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CrzyTrkrDude 5/13/16

There are a couple (?) Relay tracks amongst the gang still, yes?

We should bring back this tournament idea. Marathon could be an open track, and entries could be team painted.

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