Im back!

Mcjiggles9 Saturday, 12/28/2019

Hello Everyone,

I doubt very few of you remember me so I'll reintroduce myself! Name is Cooper, grew up in CT and used to participate in the fantasy race league and Mail in events here back in 2012-2015. Life kinda got busy for me after high school but things have settled back down and I'd love to get back into this. I know things have likely changed, so I wanted to know about a few things!

1. Are FTE wheels still the standard for modding? If so, anyone got a good suggestion on how I can get my hands on some?

2. What new modding techniques have become common practice?

Thanks guys. I look to compete soon.

3. What events are avaible?

cant wait to meet you all on the track


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WorpeX 12/28/19

I remember you! Welcome back my friend!

FTE's are still the standard and I have no idea how to get them either. :D Maybe hobbydb is the best bet but it can be pricey.

  • Hey man! Long time no see. Glad to see you’re still around — Mcjiggles9
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Traction-Event 12/28/19

Dueling Deliveries, Factory Wars, Drag car challenge, World Race... All hosted by you and Rally Case... You guy put on some great events. 

Welcome back. 

1. FTE's are still a quick way to go fast. I get mine at local diecast and toy shows. 

2. Still in the dark ages, same as ever for me. Pinewood derby just smaller, same tech. 

3, Check the Racing section 

  • Your memory of those now ancient events is most impressive. Glad to see you’re still here racing away! Thanks for the update — Mcjiggles9
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redlinederby 12/28/19
Site manager

Welcome back to the fold, Cooper! Hope life has been fun and happy for you.

One great thing about this stuff is it never really can hop in and out and never miss a beat. Shake off the rust and jump right in. Check out the racing calendar for upcoming events. Got a few in February you should be able to get in on.

  • Hey Brian, it’s good to be back. Life has been great! Settled back down now and ready for this to be a part of my life again haha. Thanks for the info, site navigation has changed slightly, looks good! — Mcjiggles9
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LeagueofSpeed 12/30/19
Event coordinator

Welcome back...haven't seen you in the field since American Muscle 1...looking forward to lining up with you again.

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72_Chevy_C10 12/30/19
Event coordinator


Welcome back! The techniques are all the same...but, it seems like the cars are getting even faster!

One thing you might want to check out are some of the youtube channels. 3dBotMaker's channel has gotten pretty big...his King of the Mountain race is a pretty big deal. Kelly Motor Speedway is another fun channel. ..and Diecast RacerX is putting on cool races also...just to name a few!

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