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redlinederby Saturday, 8/28/2010
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I guess just like any sport, there's bound to be injuries. The following cars have been removed from active play due to injuries for various reasons.

- Midnight Otto
- Pontiac T/A FTE
- Asphalt Assault

In some cases a car was wounded in battle due to wreck and in one occasion, I believe one due to a dog. And up until now, some cars I didn't race at all until race day, but now I'm going to run them all before I add them to the game so I know and just don't add them.

Despite them now be inactive, they should all appear in race histories for other cars.


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Jobe 8/29/10

Injury by dog? too funny. I had one taken out today, my bare metal Testarossa modified...manhandled by my two year old...still haven't found the windows!

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Quique69 9/1/10

Cars like Midnight Otto (I mean NO fenders) have more probabilities to get their axles bent in case of a hard crashing into something, because that impact is suffered directly by the wheels.


PS: I love Midnight Otto!

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redlinederby 9/2/10
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Yeah, I've had several Sweet 16 II cars ruined because of the exposed axles. I try to keep all the cars in cases when they're not racing, but my dogs are like two Godzillas.

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