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One of the most common stories in diecast racing is how one discovered the hobby. It usually goes something like this...I was bored and stumbled across a YouTube video, and thought, "I used to love Hot Wheels! I can do that too." Sound familiar?

Turns out that Tim, who created BlueLine Racing, came into the hobby along a similar path. BlueLine Racing is relatively new to the racing scene but is off to a great start by participating and getting his own track ready to race.

BlueLine Racing is hosting their first mail-in tournament, The Bone Shaker Brawl, at the end of October. It's a stock race that's easy for everyone. I'll be sending in some cars and I encourage you to do the same and help Tim grow his new club.

Interview with BlueLine Racing

Redline Derby: Let's start with the basics...who you are, where you are, and your favorite cereal?

BlueLine Racing: My name is Tim, I’m a father of two kids, married and born and raised in Connecticut. I don’t eat cereal very often but when Cinnamon Toast Crunch is available it’s hard to pass up.

RLD: I'm going to assume that, like most of us, Hot Wheels and diecast cars were a big part of your childhood. What's some of your fondest diecast memories from those times?

BLR: Hot Wheels cars were one of my most favorite toys as a kid. The first car I remember having was the green Poison Pinto. I remember staying with my grandparents once a week and it was always McDonalds and then KMart for a new Hot Wheels car.

RLD: Now moving ahead a few decades, when did BlueLine Racing start and what motivated you to start organized racing?

BLR: Of course as life went on, and as I became an adult, Hot Wheels went by the wayside. It wasn’t until this past winter when I fell upon 3DBotMaker and watched King of the Mountain and said “I bet I could do that.” I built my first car, mailed it out to California, and I was hooked. Shortly after I discovered Redline Derby Racing and several other racing outlets, and realized there was a whole community of adults with that same passion.

RLD: It looks like you focus mostly on stock car racing and speed testing. What pushed you in that direction and do you have any desire to move into modified racing?

BLR: I'm actually pretty involved with modified racing also. I’ve entered KOTM and currently sit second in the tournament. I’ve entered modified cars in DCR, Diecast 64, Redline Derby events and have even sent modified cars as far as Australia to Hot Car Track. My YouTube channel is fairly new and there I’ve concentrated on stock cars as a way to get my feet wet but I plan on having modified races there in 2021.

RLD: The track you run on is called the Northeast Beast and it is a Derby Magic kit. Talk a bit about running on that track and why you chose to go with that solution.

BLR: Like many others, I was running the 6 lane Hot Wheels track but once I became more serious about competing, I realized I needed a finish timer and a track with a more reliable track surface and start gate. With 3DBotMaker out of the racing accessories business and limited products available, I began researching Pinewood Derby tracks. This track had everything I was looking for in speed testing cars, and being able to host races with fair and reliable results so I decided to go for it.

RLD: The Northeast Beast is a drag strip for some good old fashioned heads-up racing. Do you enjoy any of the Fat Track racing trend that's popular right now? Any desire for BlueLine Racing to build and expand into that format?

BLR: I do enjoy Fat Track races for entertainment and I also enjoy sending cars to race on them. I personally needed something more mobile and less permanent so I don’t see myself going that route. As time has gone on, my true passion has become straight speed so this is what I’ve decided to concentrate most on.

RLD: You have the Bone Shaker Brawl coming up at the end of October, and it also happens to be your first mail-in event. What made you want to do a mail-in race?

BLR: I really enjoy the DCR drag races and since I now own a fast and exciting drag track I decided I wanted to share that with the so many people who have welcomed and supported me in the hobby.

BLR: Not really. I’ve recently started hosting guest races with some of the people I’ve become friends with in the racing circuit. This has helped me prepare for the tournament, practice a little bit and give back to some really good guys who have gone out of their way to help me out along the way.

RLD: The Bone Shaker is appropriate for the Halloween theme but where does it rank in your personal list of favorite castings?

BLR: Other than being a big fan of Halloween and this being a casting I believed most people already owned, I do not value it much as a car I would normally race. I thought it would be fun and it fit the Halloween narrative. It also gave some less experienced racers a chance to enter a race anyone could probably win.

RLD: If everything goes well with the Brawl, should we assume there will be more BlueLine Racing mail-ins in the future?

BLR: Yes! I am hosting the November leg of the RLD Racing League and have big plans for 2021. I plan on releasing a series of drag racing tournament dates in January for everything from stock cars to heavily modified.

RLD: Your race club and channel are still relatively new, so there's lots of room to grow. Can you talk about what's next for Blue Line Racing...what's on your wish list? Anything coming up people should be looking forward to?

BLR: Now that I know what it takes in a car to win races I plan on really competing in future races. Until recently it’s been more trial and error but now it’s time to take the next step. I mentioned the 2021 race schedule and I’d like to build my YouTube channel. I don’t want to become 3DBotMaker but I do want to provide a level of entertainment and a place where everyone wants to come race. Those are my goals for 2021.

RLD: Any other shoutouts, links, or stories you want to share?

BLR: Thank you for providing a hub for us all to get involved in racing, improve our skills and advertise our races. If not for Redline Derby Racing, I may not have found so many races and good people.

I want to thank Tim for lending his time for the interview and giving us all a look into how a newer racing club is operating and planning.

Like any good hobby, diecast racing is easy to start and then lets you be creative with how deep you want to go. BlueLine Racing is perfect example of that and can hopefully inspire others.

Check out the BlueLine Racing profile and visit the BlueLine Racing YouTube channel for more great racing.


Got ya on the schedule for the RLD Nationals and 2021 Summer Series

A fantastic, dedicated racer, great channel and top bloke!

If anyone hasn't dropped into his new channel, just do it! Good viewing!

Thanks for doing the interview.

Cheers all.

  • Appreciate that Marc. I’m a big fan of your work also — BlueLineRacing
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