What's a good source for background music

SteelCityMafia895 Monday, 6/3/2024

So, I have noticed that about 6 videos I have posted on YouTube have been hit with a Copyright strike. I kinda expected that with what I was using. Where do you all get your Copyright free music from or do you not care about a Copyright strike? 


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Beaverworx 6/3/24

Inaudio is a good sorce for Music. I have made quite a few tracks on a beat maker or just on the guitar myself. YouTube is very fussy about there copyright's.

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dr_dodge 6/3/24

I have struggled with that, too
one vid, a radio in the background was playing,
bearly hear it while I was talking, and they burned me.

it's frustrating.


  • Same here... I pretty much always listen to music while in my shop and would routinely get nailed for background music copyright infringement. I don't have a big following and most of my vids don't really need any sound anyway so no big deal to me but I just wonder how many times I have to buy the same music in all of the different formats over my 66 years before they give me a frickin break? — Stoopid_Fish_Racing
  • agreed, I have some albums on record, cassette, and cd, all of which I purchased — dr_dodge

Just search copyright free music... you will see there's a lot out there...

  • I find alot of .orgs that want me to sign up, then want to charge me to be a member. — dr_dodge

I found Uppbeat.com. You can get 3 free songs every month and a copy of the rights to post in your description but the rights are only good for 1 video. They also have a membership for 6.99/month. 

If I have a YouTube video playing on the TV with sound, will that be tagged?

  • possibly, they tagged me when you could barely hear "piano man" in the background, as I was announcing live races at the slot car track — dr_dodge
  • I might ask David from Elevation. I know he sometimes has YouTube videos from other diecast racing channels on while he is filming. He was even watching my videos in one of his. I thought that was pretty cool. If anything, that just helps promote other channels. — SteelCityMafia895

I use Epidemicsound.com for background. Never had any issues.

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SpyDude 6/21/24

Honestly, check some of the soundtracks on racing video games. Most of them are in MIDI form, and I don't think there's a copyright on any of that type of music.  The Top Gear series (SNES) had some good stuff, and so did Rock n Roll Racing.

I have used music from there list and video gets a copy right disclaimer on it. But it's not counted as a strike on my account. Only if someone was to file a complaint for copyright. 

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jlane 6/21/24

Shogun Audio, a really excellent drum 'n' bass label, has a small selection of their catalogue they allow non-commercial use of on Youtube. Your video will be flagged by youtube's ContentID system as containing Shogun Audio content, but you won't get a copyright strike or takedown. If your channel is monetized, you would need to license these songs, as that no longer constitutes non-commercial use.


I worked in licensing media (images, audio and video) for royalty-free, commercial and editorial use for about 15 years, if you have any questions about how copyright and licensing works I may be able to help out. Feel free to send me a DM.

As some upthread have said the best option is to use original music if you or someone in your life is a musician, but I understand that's not possible for most people.

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