Introducing Diecast Dragsters 6-lane 50ft Track in West Virginia

gtaman Tuesday, 4/5/2016

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Just wanted to introduce the 6-lane 50ft track that belongs to the Diecast Dragster club in West Virginia.  

We are going to sponsor a stock mail-in race soon.  The Diecast Dragster organization also has a demolition derby track coming online so we can possibly do something with that as well.

I will add more photos later but here is a video I just finished from this past weekends' events.


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Chopper 4/6/16

Great looking tracks!

West Virginia's pretty close to where I live, but I'd have to drive over the Appalachians. What's the address of Diecast Dragsters and do they meet every weekend?

  • Subscribe to Diecast Dragsters on Facebook for updates, usually about once a month. — gtaman
  • Belington WV — gtaman

Welcome! Good looking track...those long tracks really sort out the good rolling cars!

  • Yes they do, we have done a lot of experimenting to find some really great cars — gtaman
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redlinederby 4/6/16
Site manager

Awesome setup. Would be great to have that location as a option for future RLD races.

  • We plan on doing some if people are interested — gtaman
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aircooled 4/6/16

Looks like a real nice set-up.  I do have a few questions.   Is the blue track a little wider than the normal HW track?  How high is your drop, what is the degree of the angle and how long is the flat?

  • The blue track is a little wider yes. The others I will have to get back to you on. — gtaman
  • The length of the drop is 8ft, probably 4ft vertical, and the straight is 42ft, 50ft total — gtaman
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redlinederby 4/6/16
Site manager

Made it to the Diecast Dragsters Facebook page and saw this photo...genius idea using the lamp arm to hold the camera (or so I assume). So simple - which is why I probably never thought about that.

  • Ya Kenny (the owner)'is pretty good at making stuff — gtaman
  • we will try it out next race — gtaman
  • he made the demo derby track too — gtaman
  • Agreed! That's a brilliant idea. Way more efficient than a tripod. — Chopper
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gtaman 4/6/16

The owner Kenny just bought a collection of 1100 90s hot wheels for our package race, you can see them on the table in this photo

  • holy shit. that's a lot of cars. — redlinederby
  • bet the kid on the seller side of the table won't get taken by his buddies on hot wheels deals . — fordman

Really looking forward to our first mail in race, with the help of gtaman it should go well.

  • Welcome to the show! Looking forward to seeing your track in action — redlinederby
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gtaman 4/7/16

Dragsnotdrugs above is the owner of this track, he has been running free events I think since 2006, he can answer any questions you may have about the build.  

Tons of work and time over the years I am sure.  Has added a good safe fun relatively cheap activity for the youth in our area to participate in

Awesome! It's looking very good drag race.

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Rusty 4/9/16

Great looking tracks!!

I really like the demo wood track..

great work..


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Diecast64 4/15/16

Great looking track!  How do you store the track?  Do you roll it up? Then how do you get it flat again?  Do you stick it down to the wood in a particular way?  I know Brian has also had some similar questions.

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