Iowastockcars Fantasy Racing League-Race #2

iowastockcars Sunday, 8/17/2014

Current Standings

1 Stalker 6
2 Yote 4
2 Newman39 4
2 hotrainiac 4
5 72_Chevy_C10 2
5 KandORacing 2
5 Keef921 2
8 JDC442 0
8 Redlinederby 0
8 Traction-Event 0
8 coffeandpancakes 0
8 KyBusch18 0


    You pick the championship car=10 points
    You pick the runner up car=8 points
    You pick a car that makes it as far as the final four=6 points
    Your car makes it two rounds and then loses=4 points
    Your car makes it past the first round and then loses=2 points
    Lose in the first round to the eventual champion=1 point
    Any other loss in the first round=0 points.

Additional rules and info can be found here:

Race #2-Cars With Numbers

**Submit your pick (one car per person and first come first serve**

Bracket A

Bracket B

Bracket C


Good Luck and it's not to late to enter to play.  Pick the winning car and you might go to the top of the standings.


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FatMike 8/20/14

I'd like the 63 Chysler Turbine please.

IROC Firebird please.

Time to get the race in, so the boys are making their picks:

Newman39-09 Vette ZR1 #212

KyBusch18-Madfast #13

I'll send a PM to the others that raced last week that haven't picked a car yet.

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Nightstalker 8/24/14

GO Synkro!!!!

Results Are In:

Two races and no one has picked the champion. Stalker was close though getting the runner up to take the points lead by a lot.  If I was a betting man, I would have picked that Championship race based on the rankings.  The biggest surprise was the CUL8R making it to the final four, although I think it had a weak bracket.  The Motoblade's Speed Wheels just couldn't be touched today.

Current Standings:

  • 1. Stalker-14
  • 2. Newman39-8
  • 3. Traction-Event-6
  • 4. Yote-4
  • 4. hotrainiac-4
  • 4. Keef921-4
  • 4. RedlineDerby-4
  • 8. KandORacing-2
  • 8. 72_Chevy_C10-2
  • 8. coffeeandpancakes-2
  • 12. JDC422-0
  • 12. KyBusch18-0
  • 12. Fat Mike-0

Next race is Noah's Ark Part 1 (Two of the same car with different paint jobs)

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