Fantasy LeagueIowastockcars Fantasy Racing League-Race #2

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Current Standings

1 Stalker 6
2 Yote 4
2 Newman39 4
2 hotrainiac 4
5 72_Chevy_C10 2
5 KandORacing 2
5 Keef921 2
8 JDC442 0
8 Redlinederby 0
8 Traction-Event 0
8 coffeandpancakes 0
8 KyBusch18 0


    You pick the championship car=10 points
    You pick the runner up car=8 points
    You pick a car that makes it as far as the final four=6 points
    Your car makes it two rounds and then loses=4 points
    Your car makes it past the first round and then loses=2 points
    Lose in the first round to the eventual champion=1 point
    Any other loss in the first round=0 points.

Additional rules and info can be found here:

Race #2-Cars With Numbers

**Submit your pick (one car per person and first come first serve**

Bracket A

Bracket B

Bracket C


Good Luck and it's not to late to enter to play.  Pick the winning car and you might go to the top of the standings.

Rescue Ranger 51
Dangit Chris LOL, I'll take 442 Much please!
Plymouth Arrow in group B for me. Thanks!
Synkro-Purple is talkin' too me.
67 Mustang please.
HW500 for me, #1
GT Racer #12

I'd like the 63 Chysler Turbine please.

IROC Firebird please.

Time to get the race in, so the boys are making their picks:

Newman39-09 Vette ZR1 #212

KyBusch18-Madfast #13

I'll send a PM to the others that raced last week that haven't picked a car yet.

GO Synkro!!!!

Results Are In:

Two races and no one has picked the champion. Stalker was close though getting the runner up to take the points lead by a lot.  If I was a betting man, I would have picked that Championship race based on the rankings.  The biggest surprise was the CUL8R making it to the final four, although I think it had a weak bracket.  The Motoblade's Speed Wheels just couldn't be touched today.

Current Standings:

  • 1. Stalker-14
  • 2. Newman39-8
  • 3. Traction-Event-6
  • 4. Yote-4
  • 4. hotrainiac-4
  • 4. Keef921-4
  • 4. RedlineDerby-4
  • 8. KandORacing-2
  • 8. 72_Chevy_C10-2
  • 8. coffeeandpancakes-2
  • 12. JDC422-0
  • 12. KyBusch18-0
  • 12. Fat Mike-0

Next race is Noah's Ark Part 1 (Two of the same car with different paint jobs)

Yay! i scored some points!!!

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