Iowastockcars Fantasy Racing League-Race #3

iowastockcars Saturday, 9/6/2014

Onto the third race.  It's time to sign up.  This race is titled Noah's Ark.  Two cars of the same kind but different paint jobs will match up in round one to see who moves on.  There are some good fast cars in this one and some promising up and comers.

It's never too late to jump in and race with us.  Who will be the first to pick the champion?  One pick per person.  Make sure you select the color of the car in your picks to avoid confusion.

Current Standings (After Race #2):

    1. Stalker-14
    2. Newman39-8
    3. Traction-Event-6
    4. Yote-4
    4. hotrainiac-4
    4. Keef921-4
    4. RedlineDerby-4
    8. KandORacing-2
    8. 72_Chevy_C10-2
    8. coffeeandpancakes-2
    12. JDC422-0
    12. KyBusch18-0
    12. Fat Mike-0


    You pick the championship car=10 points
    You pick the runner up car=8 points
    You pick a car that makes it as far as the final four=6 points
    Your car makes it two rounds and then loses=4 points
    Your car makes it past the first round and then loses=2 points
    Lose in the first round to the eventual champion=1 point
    Any other loss in the first round=0 points.

Additional rules and info can be found here:

Race 2 Results

Bracket A


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Granderojo 9/7/14

Shoebox, there kind sir

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morrismini 9/9/14

I shall choose the yellow mini. :)

Time for the boys to pick.

KyBusch18 is going with the Green Nerver Hammer

Newman39 is going with the Green Mini Cooper.

I decided to join in the fun as well, but will only pick cars that have never hit the track.  I'll go with the Red Fiat 500.

Races have been run and I will post results in a few days.  Someone finally picked the winner!

Next race will be foreign cars and no heavy metal ferraris to make it a challenge.

It took three races, but someone finally picked the race winner. Granderojo stepped in and picked the yellow shoebox.  I had forgotten how fast this car was.  It never came close to being pushed to a 3rd race. There were some fast cars in this group and shoebox was not one that I thought would win.  I was thinking the Purple Shelby Cobra would be the car to beat.  Instead, another all metal car took out the Shelby in the final four.  The little green Mini Morris that had an 0-1 record before this tournament.  In the end, Shoebox blew past the Mini Morris in three straight races to take home the championship.

We have a new points leader when Stalker's pick, Nerve Hammer FTE, lost in the first round. Since Newman39 had that green Mini Morris, he now comes out with the points lead.  I had fun doing this Noah Arks theme.  You might see it again during the season.

1 Newman39 16 2 Stalker 14 3 Keef921 10 3 Granderojo 10 5 Traction-Event 6 5 Redlinederby 6 5 Fat Mike 6 8 Yote 4 8 hotrainiac 4 8 KandORacing 4 8 KyBusch18 4 8 Iowastockcars 4 13 72_Chevy_C10 2 13 coffeandpancakes 2 13 JDC442 2 16 MorrisMini 0

  • Granderojo is my son Cameron. I told him to pick the shoebox so its my win too right? lol No really like all sons Cam never listens to me. — FatMike
  • im now on the search for a shoebox — Granderojo
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