Iowastockcars Fantasy Racing League-Race #4

iowastockcars Monday, 10/6/2014

Race #4 is ready to go.  It's time to sign up and pick your car.  This race is titled foreign.  Each car represents cars that are/were manufactured outside of the USA (to the best of my knowledge).

It's never too late to jump in and race with us.  One pick per person.  Please note your car based on how it is listed here, including any color.

Current Standings (After Race #2):

    1. Newman39-16
    2. Stalker-14
    3. Keef921-10
    3. Granderojo-10
    5. Traction Event-6
    5. RedlineDerby-6
    5. Fat Mike-6
    8. Yote-4
    8. Hotrainiac-4
    8. KandORacing-4
    8. KyBusch18-4
    8. Iowastockcars-4
    13. 72_Chevy_C10-2
    13. coffeeandpancakes-2
    13. JDC442-2
    16. Morris Mini-16


    You pick the championship car=10 points
    You pick the runner up car=8 points
    You pick a car that makes it as far as the final four=6 points
    Your car makes it two rounds and then loses=4 points
    Your car makes it past the first round and then loses=2 points
    Lose in the first round to the eventual champion=1 point
    Any other loss in the first round=0 points.

Additional rules and info can be found here:

Bracket A

Bracket B

Bracket C

Bracket D


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KewlKid 10/11/14

wow this is cool i wanna join ill take the 1970 toyota celica thanks

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DewlDik 10/11/14

I'd like the Porshe Carrera-Green Thanks

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fella_ 10/12/14

I'll take the Datsun Bluebird 510 Fte please

  • Fella, try again. Redline Derby grabbed this car earlier as noted above. — iowastockcars
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iowastockcars 10/20/14

Our picks now

KyBusch18 - Lotus Elise-Yellow

Newman39- Aston Martin DBS.  The only matchbox car listed.

Iowastockcars-Lotus Evora GT4

Anyone else?  Most cars picked yet.

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MattCat 10/22/14

Nissan 370z please!

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fella_ 10/25/14

how does this work you just pick a car (that hasn't been picked)? Then post it in the comments? (I'm new to this)

Can I pick the 2003 BMW

  • Yes, just pick a car from the photos and he'll run it and post points — redlinederby

Results are in.  Three of the final four cars really surprised me and came from out of nowhere.  One didn't and went on to win it all.  It was the first car selected (Traction Event)-The Mercedes C Class.  The Maserati is the only car that really challenged him and that was in the final four race.  Really, that was the race to win it all.

The Mitsubishi Eclipse was 0-1 before the race and just kept winning as he moved forward and went all the way to the championship before getting blown out by the Mercedes.  The Lotus had never raced before and was killer on the starts and then it was just a question on if he could keep the lead.

With the point standings Newman39 and Stalker both got 4 points to stay within 2 points of each other.  Traction Event with the win, jumped to third.

  • 1. Newman39 20
  • 2. Stalker 18
  • 3. Traction Event 16
  • 4. Keef921 14
  • 5. Granderojo 12
  • 6. Iowastockcars 10
  • 7. Redlinederby 6
  • 7. Fat Mike 6
  • 7. KyBusch18 6
  • 10. Yote 4
  • 10. hotrainiac 4
  • 10. KandORacing 4
  • 10. 72 Chevy C10 4
  • 10. JDC442 4
  • 10. Fella 4
  • 16. coffeeandpancakes 2
  • 16. Comet Curt 2
  • 16. Luke11 2
  • 16. DewlDik 2
  • 20. MorrisMini 0
  • 20. KewlKid 0
  • 20. MattCat 20

Next Race=All Rookies, fresh out of the package.

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redlinederby 11/2/14
Site manager

Ah geez...the Bluebird didn't even make it out of the first round. Bah...

Yeah baby!!! a win!

Just proud to be on the on the podium....

  • Good pick TE. Thanks for the race IOWA. — FatMike
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