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iowastockcars Wednesday, 7/30/2014

I think we have lost members on the website as it transitioned to the new site and we saw the fantasy league shut down waiting for its update.  In my opinion, as people stumble onto the site they are looking for info on racing "stock" cars and talking that up instead of making that jump into the custom world.  The majority of the talk is about those custom races.  Seeing the following that JDC has with his tournament shows me that the interest is truly there to get more stock fantasy racing in.  How did I originally find the site? That is right, trying to figure out the fastest stock cars out there.

With that being said, I am going to start a little race league to help provide an additional game for people to play and to learn from.

This will be at least a 10 race season.  Up to 32 players can play per week.  My boys and I will pick 32 cars that will race.  Some are new.  Some are seasoned veterans.  Some are Matchbox cars.  Some are Johnny Lightning.  Sometimes there will be themes.  The races are all determined randomly by using playing cars to match them up.

I will post four brackets of cars.  You will see the picture of the car, the name-which is usually the official name of the car, the record on my track, and their ranking based on my ranking system.

The ranking system starts at 1000 and goes up based on the win.  Usually a win is worth 10 points until they get to the final four race.  Then a win is worth 20 points.  If they win the championship, they get 50 points for a maximum of 100 points per race.  On the other end, a loss is typically -10. The exceptions would be a loss to a final four car is only -5.  A loss against the eventual champion does not count against them.

You will pick one car that no one else can have.  Use the name I have in the picture.  First come first serve.

Strategy will be needed.  Look at the bracket the car is in.  Do you think they can come out of there or should you go with someone else because they have an easy bracket?

The top row in the bracket will be racing to race the winner of the bottom row of the bracket.  Bracket A winner will race Bracket B winner.  Bracket C winner will race Bracket D winner.

When cars are posted, I will give people a minimum of five days to pick your car.


  • You pick the championship car=10 points
  • You pick the runner up car=8 points
  • You pick a car that makes it as far as the final four=6 points
  • Your car makes it two rounds and then loses=4 points
  • Your car makes it past the first round and then loses=2 points
  • Lose in the first round to the eventual champion=1 point
  • Any other loss in the first round=0 points.

Let me know if you have any questions. 

With that, I present you Race 1 in the Iowastockcars Fantasy Racing League (IFRL)

Bracket A

Bracket B

Bracket C

Bracket D


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KandORacing 7/30/14

Sounds like a lot of fun!

If those are already the options, we would like to race with the Ferrari F40, please.

Thank you! 

      -Keith & Ozzy

  • Yes, these are the options for race #1. This is the 2014 version of the F40. How will it compare to the versions of the 90s? — iowastockcars
  • Probably not the same performance, but I'll go with it just to see how it goes :D — KandORacing
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redlinederby 8/1/14
Site manager

I'll take Shadow Jet.

And thanks for helping fill the Fantasy League gap. I know it's crappy not having the game online right now, I wish I could move faster.

Hi Tech Missile, please

Mercedes 540 K will do well for the "Stalker"

  • the Merc was my other top pick...should do well for you — redlinederby
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Yote 8/2/14

I'll take the Speed Blaster in Group C.


I guess I'll go with Rapid Transit.

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Keef921 8/3/14

The Lotus Evora GT4 for me please.

  • Try again, that car was already picked by 72_Chevy_C10 — iowastockcars

My boys want to play along as well.

Coby (Newman39) is taking HW Pursuit.

Cade (KYBusch18) is taking the Batman car.

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Keef921 8/3/14

Take two - the Ferrari 458 Spider please.

Anyone else want in on Race 1 of the season?  Races have been run and ready to post the results soon.

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hotrainiac 8/7/14

Rodger Dodger D bracket please

And the results are in.  No one picked the champion this race.

** It is the best 2 of 3 for all races except for the championship, then it is best 3 of 5.

I wasn't too surprised with the Lakester winning it all.  I thought him against the Mercedes 540k.  The Firestorm really surprised us.  Most of his races took three races, but he kept moving on.  He won the first race of the championship race before the Lakester came back and won three in a row.

Next race theme will be Cars with Numbers. 

Point Standings-Race 1

1 Stalker 6
2 Yote 4
2 Newman39 4
2 hotrainiac 4
5 72_Chevy_C10 2
5 KandORacing 2
5 Keef921 2
8 JDC442 0
8 Redlinederby 0
8 Traction-Event 0
8 coffeandpancakes 0
8 KyBusch18 0

  • I knew I shoulda picked that Lumina, damn — redlinederby
  • That Shadow Jet is by far my worst Shadow Jet. That Lumina has never done well before, so good to see it make it that far in this race. — iowastockcars
  • Cool! Glad to see my car got out of the first round! — 72_Chevy_C10
  • Wahoo! Second place! Gotta be beginner's luck... — Yote
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